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Roadside Office: Anytime, Anywhere, Really…Anywhere

September 26, 2011 - 12 Comments

Do you ever have those mornings when you are certain someone has a hidden camera pointed directly at you to catch all of the blunders and bloopers you make as you diligently try to get from point  A to point B?  I had one such morning recently as I was making my way into the office.

The first call from my colleague came as I was pulling out of my driveway. A series of calls followed as the issue at hand bubbled up. With safety of utmost concern, I pulled over on a delightful tree lined street in our neighborhood to continue the calls. It soon became clear that I was going to be in my new roadside office for awhile.

This is where I get excited about the possibility of mobile technology.

Here I was in my mini-van with a sleeping infant, snug as bug in the back (listening to lullabies delivered by Pandora’s mobile app)…and I was tackling an issue, effectively, because I had all the tools I needed at my fingertips.

I watched and reviewed a video, sent real-time feedback to the editor and shared an updated plan with the team using Webex’s mobile app. No time lost, no interruption to the workflow.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I pulled away from my roadside office and continued on my way to daycare and then the office, knowing the issue that arose an hour before was now resolved.

You never know when or where you might  find yourself in your very own roadside office, and while it’s not the ideal place to conduct business, take comfort in knowing mobile technology will be sitting right there with you in the passenger’s seat…as you make those calls and close that deal.

Describe your roadside office. What technology makes it work for you?

My Roadside Office

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  1. My formula; someone to brainstorm with, a paper, and a pen!
    Works the best when you have things passing on your mind, the times when you are actually finishing the thing you want to in your mind, but can’t get where to start by.

    Though still, when something comes in need, such as a little of information research, internet is our best source, and I rather a notebook which I can work with, kind of old-style maybe. 🙂

  2. Does anyone know if cisco will be utilising the iPhone 4s in this way ?

  3. I think a mobile office could be a great idea as long as you have the will power not to get distracted and linger off into the sunset.

    Or, see the fast food shop down the street. But all in all, the technology out there is great and the speed is great also.

    I could even be in my mobile office right now typing this 🙂

  4. My office is my car 90% of the time. Our Cisco VOIP System is great because I can set all of my calls to forward right to my cell phone so I don’t have to give my cell phone number out.

  5. I had a mobile office long before having a mobile phone was in vogue! I used to sell life insurance and my car was my office 90% of the time. But I gotta say, I couldn’t even imagine having a ‘mobile office’ anymore without all of the mobile technology at our fingertips today.

  6. Great article! Mobile connectivity for everyone!

  7. I use an iPad when out on the road but it does struggle at times when I have no WiFi

  8. Personally,network connectivity has been the main constraint to do work on the go especially, if when you are out of big cities. When low bandwidth technologies will be more cost- effective then we might expect true “road-side” office.

  9. nice …I agree mobile technology helps us.

  10. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used the ‘roadside’ office! And, I’ve been using it now for at least the past 5 years, albeit, the technology wasn’t as good then as it is now, ie holding that meeting by the curb! But, it has gotten me out of many jams and contained the situation until I arrived onsite. My roadside office consists of laptop or tablet, mifi, and smartphone. Now if I just had a slightly larger passenger seat, I could place a cafeteria food tray on a box and sit there all day doing my business!

  11. Well personally my experience is the focus gets out of the way if you accomplish office tasks outside your principle office but it depends on the nature of task. I agree mobile technology helps us accomplish our pending tasks easily but in this modern world what all business organisations or self employed people want is to offer quality in the services. I think while traveling one could check an email or reply to Text Messages but if you talk about doing daily office job “like you reviewed a video” while away from office in my view this is not feasible at all. One can not assure quality for the tasks accomplished in a hurry.