Ride the Hybrid Cloud Wave: next-generation Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite

November 15, 2016 - 12 Comments

Change is everywhere and it is happening faster than ever. Data centers have become user-centric rather than IT-centric. Developers, on behalf of the business, demand self-service access to technology. And when they don’t get it, they claim it themselves. These teams want access to public cloud like resources. Your business needs to grow and capture new market opportunities. And IT needs to keep the costs down, while moving faster than ever.

And in the midst of all this stands the all-important question “How do I do all these things and keep the business safe and compliant?” This is the stuff that makes or breaks CIOs.

Most enterprises are turning to hybrid cloud to answer these needs—a recent IDC study indicates that 73% of organizations are evaluating or starting to deploy hybrid cloud. There are many benefits. There are also challenges. For example, every company is different. Cookie cutter approaches to hybrid cloud slow down implementation. Increase risk. Make you spend budget dollars on capabilities you don’t need for years.

Cisco has released the next generation of hybrid cloud management. Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite delivers a flexible approach to hybrid cloud. Composed of four offers, this solution simplifies your data center as well as the journey to hybrid cloud. You can now take your journey to hybrid cloud with these offers:

  • Infrastructure Automation increases data center efficiency through consistent automation across physical and virtual infrastructure
  • Cloud Management allows freedom for developers to work across multiple private or public clouds
  • Service Management empowers customers through a self-service catalog to order and manage services
  • Big Data Automation makes it easy to deploy & consume Hadoop and Splunk environments

We didn’t stop there. Cisco has also introduced subscription licensing. This approach delivers the flexible consumption model our customers need, providing lower entry costs compared to perpetual licenses, and ongoing innovation with multiple support options ranging from simple break-fix all the way to 3rd party integration.

Combined together, your business can begin its hybrid cloud journey. Invest in the automation you need today. Then scale.

For example, start with a 1-year term for infrastructure automation. Pay less than a perpetual license. Then move to cloud management. Or add a self-service catalog.   You can start small, reducing your risk. There are no sunk costs, no trade-off between business innovation and software purchases. You’re on your way.

Enterprise Cloud Suite is a member of Cisco ONE.   Cisco ONE delivers a flexible alternative to purchasing data center, WAN and access solutions. Join the 14,000+ customers who take advantage of this flexible packaging solution, including 91% of the Fortune 100.

Business transformation is happening. It’s all about stepping up organizational performance. Years of managing data and accelerating business has taught Cisco exactly what is needed to bring speed and simplicity to your business.

Take the next step. Read the solution overview or visit us to learn more about the next generation of hybrid cloud.


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  2. How to using cisco cloud ?

  3. From Application Centric to User Centric?

    • Fausto, data centers have become more user-centric rather than IT-centric. Digital transformation has forced this change. It means that IT needs to accommodate users’ aspiration to interact with technology through a self-service portal. Have the service delivered in minutes. Have workloads placed into any platform.

  4. Frank – this is exactly the smoke and mirror marketing that has got Cisco’s cloud strategy all down the drain. What exactly is hybrid here? Lets not package a bunch of licensing subscriptions and a fragmented portfolio named as ONE as a hybrid cloud offering. AWS will eat you guys for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Time to refresh your marketing guys here.

    • Tom,
      They are trying to put lipstick on a pig. Also, Frank please tell us why is 1 year subscription cost not a sunk cost as you suggest? When AWS, Azure, Google, Docker etc. are offering by months, minutes or sub-seconds (AWS Lambda), you want us to buy yearly subscriptions?

      Also, how is this for a proof point:
      “Years of managing data and accelerating business has taught Cisco exactly what is needed to bring speed and simplicity to your business.”
      Which data? What acceleration – 3-5% rev growth?
      Looks like Cisco marketing is not even trying anymore.

      • I presume you have to consider that those products inside the Enterprise Cloud Suite need to be installed and user needs to familiarize and get knowledgeable on them to make the best use. This cannot happen in minutes. Maybe we can debate if 1 year is too long or too short but I think it makes sense to set a minimum timeframe of utilization. You do not take home a new freezer for 1 day and then give it back to store. The handling of the device in/out from home does not make it convenient to keep it less than 1 month or so.

      • Greg, Many vendors are offering cumbersome suites that consume time and budget dollars to stand up. Many of these solutions require 6 digit implementation costs in addition to the cost of the solution. That’s true sunk costs. Allowing customers to go with a 1-year subscription for a single component of a hybrid cloud automation offers a lower cost alternative to those solutions. Industry studies validate organizations transforming their business with automation experience economic benefits as well as consistently outperforming the peers in their industry.

        (BTW: MIT Sloan School of Business and CapGemini frequently report that companies beginning their digital transformation increase revenue by ~ 12%, and increase market presence by ~ 25%)

        • Frank,

          agreed, Digital Transformation is incredibly important. Vendors like Cisco has to peel the onion for us though – what does it mean? The days of perpetual licensing + support + services are long gone given AWS and others’ model. Is Cisco just catching up?
          Following is the disconnect:

          1. Can I download / consume your software online? You don’t even provide information on subscription pricing without making a call to Cisco rep. This is not cloud model.
          2. Is 100% of functionality of Cisco ONE available as API to enable automation and DevOps practices?

          We are a Cisco shop and want to buy Cisco, just don’t fool us with big words without any meaning.

    • Tom, Organizations want a solution that provides the best of both private and public cloud. Cisco is providing an “and” solution rather than the need to choose between private OR public cloud. The freedom of choice for development teams to use AWS, Azure or Google, while also taking advantage of on-premise services is exactly what customers are telling us they need. The Cisco ONE software bundles have provided our customers with a simplified way of purchasing Cisco technology that accelerates their business.

      • Dusya – are you in cisco cloud marketing? You did not understand Tom’s question. Simplifies way of purchasing cisco technology is not hybrid cloud and will not accelerate their business. Cisco lockin is more like it.

    • Amen bro.