In my last blog post, I talked about how we are seeing more and more use cases where customers are using multiple clouds to build the next generation of digital experiences. It’s clear to me that many of these cloud use cases involve successfully spanning across multiple environments on and off-premises.

For example, this week at Cisco Live in Barcelona, we are hearing a lot from customers about cloud use cases such as deploying and managing cloud applications, using the cloud for high availability and disaster recovery, or using an IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) self-service model for developers. All of these use cases represent both opportunities and challenges for IT and require the ability to integrate, manage, and optimize infrastructure, applications, and public cloud services while ensuring governance and compliance across clouds. And that’s not easy.

That’s why we are so excited to introduce the new Cisco CloudCenter Suite, a single, integrated platform for multicloud management. CloudCenter Suite provides a framework for organizations to design, deploy, and optimize infrastructure and applications across clouds to achieve their cost and compliance objectives. It’s also an important component of the new data center innovations we announced at Cisco Live this week because it provides an integrated software suite to manage the delivery and full lifecycle of multicloud applications and services across on-prem as well as public clouds.

In the ITaaS use case, the new CloudCenter Suite delivers powerful capabilities to help IT serve developers while maintaining the control and oversight they need. For example, IT can provide developers with a self-service environment for accessing tools and provisioning development resources in the cloud such as spinning up virtual machines on-demand. In this model, IT can provide developers with a catalog environment integrated on the backend with a policy-based orchestration and management platform such as CloudCenter. With this solution, developers can get easy access to the tools and resources they need in the catalog and use CloudCenter to automatically spin up the resources on demand all while enforcing policy.

IA-as-a-service Use Case

CloudCenter provides its own catalog capability and also includes out-of-the box integration with popular ITSM applications such as ServiceNow. Endusers get self-service access to their preferred cloud resources and services with a consistent user experience. And IT gets visibility and control of their infrastructure and applications, while meeting cost and compliance requirements. All of this means IT can make it easier for developers to spend more time focused on innovation and less time struggling with resources and tools.

Serving developers is important, but so is managing costs. The CloudCenter Suite platform raises the bar on cost optimization and governance by providing insight into total cloud spend and identifying cost-optimization strategies. This is a powerful way to right-size cloud workload instances by minimizing overprovisioning.

The Cisco CloudCenter Suite makes it easy to deploy and manage applications and infrastructure across any combination of clouds. Capabilities like those provided by the CloudCenter Suite are helping IT reimagine how to bridge the on-premise environment with the public cloud environment with new use cases and services.

Multicloud complexity may be the new normal, but Cisco is uniquely positioned to simplify multicloud for our customers by delivering common networking, security, application visibility, and management capabilities.

CloudCenter Suite brings expanded capabilities that strengthen Cisco’s ability to be the glue between vendor-specific clouds, tools, APIs, configuration requirements, SLAs, and analytics. It’s helping organizations innovate faster and deliver new experiences to LOB customers and developers by managing the lifecycle of applications across multiple cloud environments.

Look for more like this from Cisco as we help customers accelerate their application innovation, by building a bridge to possibilities and creating a world of potential.

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