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Q&A with John Chambers Opens McKinsey Quarterly’s New Global Leaders Series

image Our Chairman and Chief Executive spoke with James Manyika of McKinsey last month on a diverse array of topics including the economy, the future of Web technology, Cisco’s management model, our corporate social responsibility initiatives and John’s views on leadership. The interview appears online today as McKinsey’s launches its Global Leaders interview series.One of the questions John addresses in the interview concerns our moves into 30 adjacent markets. “Is 30 too many?” asks James. It is if you don’t combine innovation with operational excellence, or as as John puts it, “If you plant a thousands seeds, and let a thousand seeds bloom…you get a weed field!”Before you ask…there are no ducks in the weed field.You can view the video interview here on the McKinsey Quarterly web site.You can also read more about 30 market adjacencies in this recent Q&A with John Chambers and our CFO Frank Calderoni.

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  1. I am upset that Cisco's stock is performing so poorly and that it is so difficult to get in touch with somebody in authority. Cisco has so much money to invest and they should look to purchase some smaller companies to improve their sales and bottom line.

  2. Hi David, I would like to request to quote John Chambers in my book. I would like to use the following excerpt from this interview.And I’m a command-and-control guy. It clearly has worked well for me. I say, turn right, 66,600 people turn right. But that’s not the future. The future’s going to be all around collaboration and teamwork, with a structured process behind it. And that’s the key. You can’t move fast without a replicable process. So it’s about speed, combined with technology enablement, combined with a replicable process.""Please let me know if this is okay. Thanks!Melissa"

  3. RE: John Chambers comments corporate social responsibility"".I think Mr Chambers is totally out in space when it comes to Cisco's so called ""corporate social responsibility"". No example represents this view more than the gargantuan wastefull practice of Cisco's packing of its products shipped to customers. Long a joke amoung field staff, that we need to hire a staff just to discard all the grossly excessive and environmentally irresponsible packing of the most minor of customer shipments. Today was the day I received the most blatant example of Cisco mis-managers blundering thier way thru each day. I received a cardboard box via fed-ex, 12x18x6, artfully sealed. As I was expecting no package, I eagarly torn open the box expecting a Cisco product Premium, perhapes after spending 20 million dollars or so over the last 10 years, Cisco was sending me a t-shirt!. No. I found in this box, paper-packing, lots of it, then there at the botton an envelope ! The Fed-Ex mailer kind. What could this be? I wondered. It must be important, since it was sealed in this oversized box, packed under a pound and a half of brown wrapping paper, it could have been mailed in the US Mail for less a buck. I curiously tore open the seal, looked inside, and to my amazement found...A CD !!! John, it was a CD !! Your company spend alot of time and materials sending me a CD in a box that could hold 1000 or more CD !! But it gets better, John, the data on the CD, IOS, included INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO LOG ONTO CISCO.COM, AND DOWNLOAD THE CD !!! idiots..Cisco management every one ! So I have decide in an effort to reach out to Mr. Chambers in cyberspace, or outerspace, or deadspace, wherever space he rules from, and create a viral video, showing just how this environmentally wastfull management lapse screams incompetance and ridiculousness. Watch for the video very soon on you-tube titled Packing Wars, featuring Cisco middle management vers. landfill crews. Were gonna shoot for a million hits and see how long it takes for Mr Chambers to wake up in his ivory tower, call down,.. wayyyy down.. to the ""sipping"" and receiving VP, and revise his grossly wastefull use of paper resources. A copy of this blog comment, along with a CD of the viral video, will be mailed to Mr Chambers HQ office using the same box and packing he used. After all, thats recycling. See you on you-tube John !!!"