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Playing it Safe

October 22, 2008 - 0 Comments

In today’s age of digital information, data is everything. And when it goes missing, we break out in a cold sweat.A simple heist of a single laptop or PDA can have significant repercussions on a company and its bottom line. Just in the past month, a laptop was pinched, which belonged to an employee in the UK from Deloitte, putting at risk the pension data of at least 100,000 individuals. While this particular case, reportedly, was not considered a very high risk, the possibilities give one pause. Without a system of layered defense, a business can quite easily be forced to its knees.And that’s why we need to be especially vigilant. As we mentioned previously, the behavioral risks of employees-intentionally or unintentionally-can have huge impact. If you missed our IPTV broadcast and announcement on this topic a couple weeks ago, you can watch a rebroadcast here. To check out video blogs from our security executives, go to our newsroom. And last but not least, you can access research results, white papers, and more by clicking this link. You’ll learn about the common data leakage risks and mistakes employees make around the world and what you can do to prevent them.

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