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Opening NASDAQ with London Mayor Boris Johnson

September 15, 2009 - 2 Comments

Cisco’s brand and global reputation as an innovator, networking leader and socially responsible company makes it a great place to work.  I had the privilege to speak at the opening of the NASDAQ yesterday with London’s Mayor Boris Johnson and Ben Gallop, head of BBC Sports Interactive.  Mayor Johnson was in NYC promoting London as a technology center to U.S. companies and the 2012 Olympics, which London is hosting .  It was interesting to hear the mayor discuss the importance of broadband and networking and how London is leading in that area.  He highlighted London’s 12,300 wi-fi sites, a third more than are available in the Big Apple, as an example of the city’s technology savvy.    

Opening NASDAQ with London Mayor Boris Johnson

Opening NASDAQ with London Mayor Boris Johnson
He had us all laughing with some of his witty comments:
“There are bishops that are concerned these devices are eroding our morals, and cynics who wonder why sane human beings want to get onto Twitter to find out what I had for breakfast,” he said.  “Far be it for me to tell people how to spend their time.  And this is how they want to spend their time.” 

It was very refreshing to see a politician who understands the importance of the network as a fundamental utility like water and electricity.   Since I didn’t have to convince the mayor on the importance of broadband, I discarded my slides and gave examples of how technology is changing the way we work, live, learn and play.  I described the future of work and how collaboration is the killer application in business.  The next generation of winners and losers will be determined by the ability of corporations to leverage the power of collaboration inside and outside the company.  The reason collaboration is taking off now is that for the first time we have all the ingredients to make this possible. 

The Internet connected the computers of the world to exchange information.   Web 2.0 and social media took it to the next level and connected people by creating communities of people with similar interest.  It’s leveraging the power of being human, the power of the human network.  Video is allowing us to communicate in a very natural way even without being there physically.  I described how my life has changed as a result of TelePresence and the incredible ROI that it’s providing Cisco.  I also showed the audience our Flip camera and how I’m using it every day while on the road when I speak.  Someone in the audience took out their Flip, waved it madly and agreed with me.  Gotta love it!  


Your truly with my Flip camera

Yours truly with my Flip camera

After the morning presentation and Q&A session we moved downstairs in preparation of opening the markets.  We received our instructions and waited for 9:30 am. Cameras rolling, with loud clapping and yelling, the mayor pushed the button that opened NASDAQ and signed his name on the screen.  Although this is my third NASDAQ opening, the excitement and thrill are always the same.  Welcome to New York Mayor Johnson and thank you for being a proponent of networking  …and having fun at your job.

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  1. Looking sharp in that photo. :)I'm glad to hear you had a great time at the event.Ben

  2. Cisco is a well known company that will make the networks of the world much better.The event in London is a important step for the company in the future