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January 21, 2009 - 2 Comments

When a colleague pointed out a recent blog discouraging participation in the Cisco Developer Contest because of a suit filed by FSF related to our Linksys division, I thought it was worth sharing some of the things we’ve done within the open source community and how we’ve developed yet another avenue to work with this communityCisco has been a strong supporter of open source software from early on, and we’ve made extensive contributions to the Linux Kernel -in fact, we’re among the top contributors, and we’re also active members of projects in Eclipse, FreeBSD, Apache and many others. A number of significant contributions are described at Open at Cisco.Many in the open source community know this already, and are very supportive of Cisco’s contributions, with the Linux Magazine’s recognition and the articulate blog from the Linux Foundation. It is important for our customers and partners to know that Cisco takes its open source software obligations seriously and we are disappointed that a suit has been filed by FSF related to our Linksys division. As people in the community know, we have always worked closely with FSF, and hope to reach a resolution agreeable to the company and the Foundation.In the meantime, we continue to drive exciting initiatives such as the Cisco Think Inside the Box Developer contest and deliver on the partner ecosystem around the Linux-based network module for the Cisco Integrated Services Routers that are focused on solving real customer problems in branch environments. With over 5 million ISRs deployed, and with a majority of the employees working away from headquarters the branch opportunities for application integration through such efforts are endless. Programs such as Cisco’s Industry Solutions Partner Network help us scale these efforts and bring the offering to a broader customer base.As we continue to get widespread interest and contest registrations from many different countries, we invite you to join forces with us and help us engage in collaborative community-building.Post by Shashi Kiran, Manager, Network Services

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  1. Hello,I know Cisco is an open company about new idea and customer need. Your produce a digital to analog tv recorder (Explorer). Do you think that a product who can allowed the customer to go over specific commercial advertisement will be developped by Cisco. The customer could choise the type of advertisement (young, old, man or women) to see the advertisement just one time or the see only the new advertisement or to never see the advertisement.The advertisements signals (sound and video) might be transfer by internet to the tv decoder and manage (filter and continue the Tv program) following the customer specific need.I see last month a Tv Channel «TV5 Monde» without advertissement. It was fantastic and the program is so great to see without commerial stop at each 10 minutes.I figured that this is a big economic aspect for the TV channel. In France, they start to diminue the TV commercial. I think we beginning a new era where the customer will ask that kind of product to choise the type of commercial or to have a tv with no advertisement.I am available to continue the discution on the subjectSincerely yoursMichel Lagacé

  2. Congratulations on your award. I guess you’re referring to the ZDnet posting here, but I’m also unsure of the value of hosting applications on a CPE communications gateway. If it fails, will your enterprise applications be impacted, or vice-versa? Please ensure you’re continuing to do the right thing with open initiatives.