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Online Safety: Think Beyond Real-Time

August 27, 2010 - 15 Comments

I’m a big movie buff, as well as an always-connected junkie. And that’s why in this week’s tech news two Facebook-related items caught my eye: the buzz around the October 1 release of “The Social Network, a movie reportedly based on Facebook; and Facebook’s launch of Places, a mobile social networking app that broadcasts where you’re at in real time. I think the takeaway for both news items here is whoever and wherever you are, you need to think beyond the moment—and if you’re a parent, that’s especially true.

As for the movie, well, I think it’ll have to be one of those guilty little pleasures that I indulge in even if we already know how the story line will unfold. But given the not infrequent concerns that arise over privacy policies it’ll be interesting to see how well things are handled with Places and other location based services. As an active user of social media, I’m careful, not just for my sake, but for my children’s as well. Online security is a constantly evolving landscape and we need to be more proactive.

And speaking of being proactive about online security, this week, in honor of kids going back to school, We TV will broadcast a special program, Back to School with Carolyn Kepcher (for those unfamiliar with Ms. Kepcher, she was one of Donald Trump’s key execs in the first season of The Apprentice). On the show, Carolyn and I will discuss how to keep kids safe online. This is especially important given that in today’s borderless environment, the array of ways to access the internet go well beyond computers.

For those of you who are early birds, I encourage you to tune in to WeTV at 7am, Saturday, 8/28. And, if you’re unable to catch this first airing, here’s the full lineup of channels and times for the coming weeks:

National Networks

We TV — Saturday — 8/28 — 7:00AM EDT/PDT

Lifetime TV — Saturday — 9/4 — 9:00AM EDT/PDT

Fox Business — Saturday — 9/4 — 5:00PM EDT

Lifetime TV — Sunday — 9/5 — 9:00AM EDT/PDT

WGN Superstation — Sunday — 9/5 — 9:00AM EDT

Local Stations

WOGX Orlando Saturday 8/28 9:30AM EDT

WPXD Detroit Monday 8/30 10:00AM EDT

WPPX Philly Monday 8/30 11:30AM EDT

KPXB Houston Monday 8/30 8:00AM CDT

WCPX Chicago Tuesday 8/31 9:30AM CDT

KPXB Houston Tuesday 8/31 10:00AM CDT

WBPX Boston Wednesday 9/1 10:30AM EDT

WPXA Atlanta Wednesday 9/1 9:30AM EDT

WQPX Scranton Wednesday 9/1 10:30AM EDT

KKPX San Fran Thursday 9/2 11:00AM PDT

WPXQ Providence Friday 9/3 11:00AM EDT

WMBC NY, NY Friday 9/3 9:00AM EDT

WBPX Boston Friday 9/3 8:30AM EDT

If you have thoughts around my television segment, location based social media services, or the upcoming movie, please tell me what you think.

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  1. The internet has turned into a very bad place if your not careful. And with kids, and adults, can be very easily scammed, into going to and providing information that should not be shared. To many scammers trying to rip everyone off. And way to many doing a godd job getting any ingormation on you that they can on the internet.

  2. We want to see the film? Is it possible to download the film??

  3. I agree with the point in the article and with the points expounded upon by some of the comments above. People need to keep in mind that the progress of technology, and social media in tandem, is exponential rather than linear. You have to be careful of WHAT information you give to WHOM, and for what reason. You'd be surprised what information someone could gather about you if they know your full name.And with facebook, people tend to indiscriminately add others that they had never met before, neglecting the fact that they've already loaded their profile pages with a lot of sensitive information.

  4. I remember seeing this, you learn something new everyday. =)

  5. Sometimes I think that my kids have more knowledge about security and privacy about myself. They know how to spy other kids and so they know how to protect themselves.

  6. Online safety is essential for your kids. I took the issue too lightly at first, but I have taken additional steps the last few years.

  7. Marie,I couldn't agree with you more. It is worrisome and difficult at the same time. You can't stop technical progress but we need to be very careful that we can protect the little ones. I have 5 grand kids and I worry about them all the time they're on the computer.

  8. Online security as well as social networking privacy issues must be taught to kids at a young age now. Social networking and internet access is to valuable of a resource for children and young adults to not give them the necessary tools to use it accurately. Love what Cisco is doing.

  9. Hi David,Thanks for your comment. The television segment that I appear in, in which I discuss how to keep kids safe online, is not downloadable. However, if you check within the next week, we'll be posting the video.

  10. I was wondering the same thing, is there a download available, for non US locations?

  11. thanks a lot for full lineup of channels and times for the coming weeks.I m eager to watch it.

  12. I agree with your point that now more then ever we need to be conscious of how we share data about ourselves and those that we know. I know my self that I keep the bare minimum out there on the internet for that reason alone. Wish family and friends followed that.As for the movie, eh it reminds me of another Pirates of Silicon Valley"", which I thought was pretty forgettable."

  13. Proactive is really the right word! thanks for this very informative post. I am looking forward for those channels, dates/ schedules you mentioned.

  14. it is possible to download your movie?

  15. I think its perfect timing for this facebook movie. Even if we do already know the storyline, it seems that 2010 has been the year that everyone (even skeptics) woke up and said hey, this facebook thing has fundamentally changed the way people communicate"". I think when we look back we'll realise that this shift is even more significant than it seems right now."