News@Cisco Week in Review and Look Ahead: May 16-20

Another week…another News@Cisco recap!

The top stories of the week included a feature on  the growth in mobile commerce, an interactive infographic on greener data centers and a contributed article in Network World by John Chambers on the value of the network.

1.) Data Centers Don’t Need to Be Energy Hogs

Reducing the amount of energy that data centers consume is a top priority for many corporations because the cost savings and environmental benefits are significant. Integrating technologies such as virtualization, cloud computing and Cisco Unified Fabric into data centers can dramatically lower energy consumption. Take a look at the amount of energy each technology can save.

2.) Mobile Commerce: Living Up To The Hype

Mobile commerce has been around since 1997, when two Coca-Cola vending machines were set up to take payments via SMS texts in Helsinki, Finland.  But the sector only began to take off in the last year or so because smartphones have gotten more sophisticated, making mobile buying easier. By 2015, mobile payments are predicted to reach 12 percent of worldwide e-commerce sales. Read more about the developments here.

3.) John Chambers on the Network

The network is more important today than at any time in history.  In the last 25 years it has had a transformative effect on the way we all live, work, learn and play and John Chambers believes it will deliver even greater change in the next decade than it has in the last quarter century. What gives him the confidence to make that prediction? Read his contributed article in Network World to find out!

Follow-up with News@Cisco next week to check out these new stories:

  • Online Video’s Business Proposition feature: Online videos aren’t just good for laughs. More and more, companies are using them as communications tools to reach, attract and keep customers.
  • Meet the creators of Cisco Quad, our enterprise social collaboration platform! Next week you will learn how the creators found time to develop Quad, how internal development began and why a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for the enterprise makes sense.

Have a great weekend! What are you most looking forward to next week?

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  1. Great post, it seems that everyone is into cloud computing these days. What are the benefits for small companies though, if any?

  2. More companies need to read this blog…great information and data!

  3. today industrial and science more need to distributed computing and reduce consuming energy in servers is very important.
    thanks for news.