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News@Cisco Week in Review and Look Ahead: February 14-18

February 18, 2011 - 3 Comments

Cisco had another action-packed week! Miss anything? No problem! Here are some of our top news stories of the week….

1.) From Facetime to Family Time: The Rise of the Video-Call

Video calls and videoconferencing have long promised to take over from audio-only calls, but when will the tipping point come and will we ever be ready culturally? Read more about the rise of the video-call and when it will reach its full potential.

2.) Holography: Taking 3D to the Next Level

Holography in everyday communications? According to the Object-Based Media Group at the MIT Media Lab the answer is yes! In late January, a three-dimensional image of Princess Leia appeared at an engineering conference in San Francisco. The red, fuzzy avatar didn’t look as realistic as the projection of Princess Leia in 1977’s Star Wars, but it may prove a lot more important.  The image created was a true hologram, not a studio special effect.  It was created using cheap, off-the-shelf equipment and it may pave the way toward holograms someday becoming a commonplace form of communication. Check out the video above and read the feature to learn more!

3.) Social Media and Business Trends from Mashable co-editor Ben Parr

“Social media is a fad,” according to Ben Parr, co-editor of Mashable, one of the leading social media news sites. Parr shares his thoughts on social media and business trends. He goes onto explain that social media is a fad in the same way the telephone, text messages and the telegraph were fads. While we don’t use the telegraph anymore it has fundamentally changed communication the same way social media has. Watch the video for more social media insight from Ben!

4.) Mobile World Congress

Cisco was at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain this week and announced the MOVE solutions. Cisco MOVE is a strategic framework that comprises new solutions to enable service providers to better manage, enhance and take financial advantage of the rapidly growing volume of mobile video and data traffic. Learn more about the Cisco MOVE strategic framework with the video above from SVP/GM of the Mobile Internet Technology Group, Ash Dahod.

What’s going on next week you may ask? Here’s what you can expect…

  • Technology making you safer in your car? On Monday be sure to check out a new feature on mobile technology for smarter cars written by technology writer, Steve Wildstrom. The feature explains how Wi-Fi and GPS could replace expensive collision avoidance systems making you safer in your car.
  • Providers combine to boost Asia cloud. This feature on Tuesday is about how companies that provide cloud infrastructure and services worry that Asia opportunities are hampered by fragmented regulation have formed an association to boost industry prospects.
  • Cisco employees from around the world created a video for the It Gets Better project to show LGBT (Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Transgender) youth that they are not alone and that it will get better. Hear their stories next week!

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  1. cognitive video, sorry that not all is clear – I’m just learning English

  2. What will the advantages be of the 3D features that you are working on in #2 for every day use?

  3. i like a lot all the vids but most i liked the ‘Holography’ vid! Amazing!! technology is running too fast! im impressed a lot!!