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News@Cisco Week in Review and Look Ahead: April 4-8

April 8, 2011 - 7 Comments

Check out some of our top news stories of the week here at Cisco!

1.) ‘Socialnomics’: When Word of Mouth Goes Global

There are many social media sites that have turned out to have been fads, but it’s hard to imagine the greater social media movement grinding to a halt. Author Erik Qualman says social media is here to stay, and companies must embrace it. Where do you see social media going? Do you think it’s a fad?

2.) Video Chat’s Time Is Coming

It’s clear that video calling and chat are becoming increasingly important. Achieving its full benefit is going to require continuing network improvement, especially in wireless. In addition to the build-out of 4G networks over the next couple of years, we are also likely to see the construction of substantial areas of public Wi-Fi coverage, especially in large cities, as wireless carriers seek to move traffic from their increasingly crowded 3G and 4G networks to the more capacious Wi-Fi. Read more here.

3.) Next Generation Linksys Wireless Routers and Switches

On Tuesday, Cisco continued its legacy of leadership in home networking with the launch of its new Linksys E-Series family − a complete suite of powerful and easy-to-use next-generation Wireless-N routers and switches. What do you think of the new line-up and design?

4.) Top Tech Tips: How to Create a Custom Facebook Tab

Calling all Facebook community managers! Looking to create your own customized Facebook tab? Check out this blog post and video on how you can create custom tabs by pulling in our own web pages via an iframe. This means that you can incorporate things like HTML, CSS, and Javascript from your webpage into a custom tab for your fan page without re-coding the functionality into FBML!

We have a ton of stuff going on next week so be sure to check out News@Cisco, our Cisco Facebook page, and our @CiscoSystems and @CiscoNews Twitter handles!

  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Goes Digital in Search of New Business Models: Check out this new feature article on Monday about how musicians are increasingly relying on digital platforms such as audio streaming and social media to connect with their fans and create new revenue streams.
  • Look out for the the opening events and webcast next Friday as Cisco’s new Data Center is opened in Allen, Texas. The state-of-the-art facility showcases Cisco’s data center products with a high-density footprint and the latest green technologies.
  • Jewel to perform at Cisco! Multi-platinum recording artist Jewel will perform in an exclusive event using Cisco TelePresence units at various AT&T and Marriott locations around the world and live via UStream on April 13th at 2pm PT. Read here for more information and see you all there!

Have a great weekend and talk to you next week!

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  1. Thank you for providing such great information. The article on social networking was important to me as I am trying to learn to leverage this important part of the new marketing mix.

  2. Social Media and Social Networking is definitely here to stay in my opinion. I’ve not only seen an increase in Social Networking for general interests such as FaceBook and MySpace, but also in more specific niche groups; including even the smallest of communities. It’s the new way to meet and greet people with similar interests and though it’s hard to sort through the many choices available, it’s very cool, because you can meet people locally and globally at once! I’ve reconnected with people I’ve long thought lost, that years ago I would have never heard from again — and suddenly here there was a message from them in my social mail box. That’s cool and that’s the power of social networking. Video chat is still too new, I’ve not yet had much experience with it, but I feel that the next few years we’ll see a definite increase in it. Many technologies are going to become obsolete very quickly. It is truly an exiting time to live in!

    Goddess Anja Aurora —

  3. Informative post – ty. I’ve been looking for info on the customized Facebook tab.

  4. Social networking means more interacting with clients and potential clients on the information superhighway. Any news on how video chat will be used commercially?

  5. Social media is definitely not a fad and there is no question that many people are going to make lots of money in this industry.

  6. Its Great your sharing your info on iframes, it is definately the new wave and has many nervous. Designers are loving it.

  7. wow.. thnx for the information..