News@Cisco Week in Review and Look Ahead: April 25-28

April 29, 2011 - 3 Comments

A live webcast debate, an invitation to the royal wedding and much more! Cisco has been busy this week. Check out what you might have missed!

1.) When “Good Enough” is Not Good Enough

This week Cisco began to debunk the myth of the “good enough” network. There are some vendors that say the network still just connects things and all you need is a tactical network, capable of addressing existing business requirements and current challenges. We call this the “Good Enough Network.” Cisco wants to debunk the myth that “good” is good enough for your business.

On Wednesday, April 27, Cisco hosted a webcast with Rob Lloyd, Cisco’s EVP of Worldwide Operations, and other executives as they outlined the seven most common misperceptions about taking a tactical, multi-vendor approach to building business-critical networks. Watch a replay of the webcast and look for Cisco to continue to debunk the seven myths in the weeks to come!

2.) The Bus Stops Here: The Networks Makes City Life Easier

How can we make America’s cities more livable? We could redesign the urban landscape by putting homes closer to workplaces, adding parks and town squares, and making it possible to live without hopping in a car for every commute and errand. But there’s a simpler way: Just make it easier for people to get around without their cars. Software developer ReeD Martin wants to make buses and other forms of public transportation sexier. His weapon? Information technology.

3.) The Royal Router

Did you watch the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton? If you did, the Cisco ASR 9000 made the broadcast happen! The Cisco ASR 9000 helped connect the video stream of the wedding to the TV network, which beamed the broadcast to 2.3 billion people around the globe!

We’ve got a lot of stuff happening next week so be sure to check back to News@Cisco, our Cisco Facebook page and our @CiscoNews and @CiscoSystems Twitter handles!

  • To Stream or Not to Stream? The Future of Live Sports Distribution. Check out this new feature article Monday on how we’ll watch sports in the coming years and how cable operators are adapting to the changes.
  • A World of Customer Networks: In this new feature article Monday, Columbia Business School’s David Rogers says businesses  should stop mass marketing to a herd of individual customers and start creating value for and with customers’ networks. Rogers offers five strategies for connecting and collaborating with customers.
  • The 3 C’s of Mobile Collaboration – And Why You Need Them. Check out this blog post next week about how the latest smartphones and tablets are making collaboration a whole lot easier. Since more than a third of the global workforce will be mobile information workers by 2012, major advances are coming at the right time–and Cisco is a leading innovator.

Have a great weekend all!

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  1. Regarding BUS STOPS HERE – why not working from home, especially when we have so many services happening through Internet and communication through VOIP…why do you need me in my cubical, when I can do it from home?

    Of course not applicable for people that really do some physical work…it will come a day when CISCO robots will represent us in the field….

  2. I am interested in the rest of this campaign. I think it is a strong take on how technology is going to carry us in the future. Amazing how much our world has changed in the last 15 years…cannot wait for the next 15 – CC

  3. wow, This is the most luxurious and biggest wedding of the century..