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New Network Solutions Deliver Greater Capabilities for Borderless Network Management

April 19, 2011 - 3 Comments

This week, a New York Times article focused on retailers and their efforts (or lack thereof) to develop mobile sites and apps to enable anytime-anywhere shopping. One statistic that caught my eye in the article: 85 percent of consumers expect to be able to shop using their smartphones and expect that experience to be at least as good as shopping on a computer. Yet, the article reports that: “By mid-2010, according to the Acquity Group, just 12 percent of the top 500 United States online retailers had sites compatible with mobile browsers, while just 7 percent had apps.”

Whether you’re an IT professional, a business decision maker, an employee, a consumer or customer, the topics of mobile productivity and the connected experience matter, regardless of which side of the fence you’re on.

And that’s why I’m excited to announce our latest launch. As headlines continue to tout the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, businesses need to ensure that they can allow secure access for anyone on any device and deliver rich applications (like video and voice) reliably—all while providing seamless integration across all elements.
In addition, when you factor in emerging cloud trends, the ability to deliver voice and video applications over any device becomes even more critical—not to mention complex from a management standpoint.

Today we’re adding more powerful capabilities to the Borderless Network Architecture to help IT administrators ensure success. Three new major solutions for Borderless Networks help make the network architecture work seamlessly, reliably, and securely to address growing trends and expectations.

  1. Centralized Policy. Support any user on any device and provide secure access across the entire network by setting a single set of policies that can be distributed and enforced across the entire network.
  2. Network Management.  Unified management via Cisco Prime for wired and wireless networks helps increase IT efficiency, reduce IT training, and decrease time to resolve IT issues by providing a converged service-centric management platform.
  3. Automation for Voice and Video. Ensure consistent high-quality user experience on any end-point. The latest innovations using Cisco Medianet enhancements provide automation and troubleshooting in the network to deliver application quality of experience, particularly video. Plus, organizations can reduce cost and time when resolving application choke points in the network, and scale applications to any endpoint with greater speed and efficiency.

Ultimately, it’s about transforming  business  and establishing a new model that is borderless and future-ready. As customers’ needs and expectations evolve, we can bet that the IT manager’s job will grow more complex. With this launch, we provide the tools, the automated capabilities in the network and in our devices to really deliver any device, any application, anywhere, at any time. Click here to learn more about our latest Borderless Network solutions.

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    I work from my laptop while I travel. Getting connected is the major issue I face. While in the office Cisco is the name in which we trust.

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  2. yes great 85 percent of consumers expect to be able to shop using a smartphone. This might be expected.

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    I am just curious if this is available in China. Were you able to penetrate the tight controlling culture of this emerging and powerful market?

    I am studying issues that may arise for leading and competitive multinational corporations in the global perspective of overcoming the hurdles and use negative reactions to positive actions to get a win- win solutions.

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