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Networkers List Next Buzzwords

June 20, 2006 - 0 Comments

Top 15 new terms are unveiled LAS VEGAS, Nevada – As the network continues its rapid evolution, so does the language that describes it. A survey of more than 1,100 attendees at the Cisco Networkers 2006 conference included one question that asked respondents to provide the industry’s next buzzword. The responses included a wealth of new terms offered as additions to the network vocabulary. The submittals illuminated technical ideas, such as VoFI for Voice over WiFi. Others described generalized experiences. Among the best in that category was Fiberchild, for someone born after 2005 that has always had access to integrated voice, data, and video. Here are the top 15 responses. Some may make their way into future dictionaries. Others won’t, but they sure are amusing. 1. Trackberry: Being able to track your kids/people with cell phone technology. “I know where my kids are thanks to their trackberry.”2. Layer 8:”The political stuff beyond the control of the OSI model.” 3. Webvana: The ultimate web browsing experience.”I was in webvana for an hour last night!” 4. Whack-A-Mole: White hat hackers that set up systems to detect, prevent, document and shut down black hat hackers. 5. VoFi: Voice over WiFi. As more and more cell phone manufacturers add WiFi capabilities to common cellular phones, the ability of a carrier to provide cell-quality coverage in a WiFi environment, with additional enhancements for data/content downloads, will become a huge demand. 6. NAP: Network Application Problem.7. NeverFailNet: No explanation necessary. 8. NICCUP: When a NIC or other network device hiccups. “The manager was most insistent on an explanation for the last NICCUP.9. Webdependancy: Reliance on the Internet to effectively function.10. Marketecture: The design of a solution driven by marketing jargon and hype with no rational thought to operationalizing, pure pandering to customer demand. “The sales guys knew what we wanted, but when pressed for the solution, all he had was slideware and Marketecture.” 11. Elephantitis: General term describing the state of the network hardware or software; a very large entity that has grown huge due to add-on fixes and software fixes and moves very slowly. A hardware platform that is very old, covered with dust/dirt, can’t be moved due to great weight, has a very good memory for past events so you don’t want to touch it!12. Green Noise: Enthusiasm generated when working together as a team.13. GigaNet: Ubiquitous high speed access everywhere.14. Fiberchild: A child born after 2005 that has always had access to integrated voice, data, and video.”Brody is a fiberchild.”15: WWW: World Without Walls.

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