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Networkers at Cisco Live! – Video Blog Intro

July 24, 2007 - 2 Comments

              Duration: 0 min. 26 sec.Networkers at Cisco Live! Video Blog introduction with Christie Miranda of Cisco Public Relations in Anaheim, California.

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  1. Hey Chuck, many thanks. It’s a JVC GR-HD1 cam that we got a couple of weeks ago, with a 15-year old Radio Shack 10-foot wired lav mic on the subject (I have an equivalent $35 Audio Technica as back up but the Radio Shack is more directional, good for these noisy environments. Upload to the computer is via Firewire, I’m editing in the freebie software Microsoft Moviemaker (came with svc pack 2 of XP) and sending via public ftp service back to the folks at News@Cisco every day. Video blogging is a pretty new thing for us and this has been a great learning experience. Best practices learned — in my IMO (so not sure if that is a best practice, exactly) always use a tripod (that’s really key to getting good stuff, consistently, though some are geniuses with handheld), allow lots of time on Mini-DV for download and editing, as it’s all real time, and a variation on the old sales adage ABC (always be closing) — ABS – Always Be Shooting.

  2. Good shot, and great stand up … What kind of video camera are you using here ?? And what is the upload process like for you.Regards,Chuck