Network Relations

June 21, 2006 - 0 Comments

Survey Shows Reach of Internet LAS VEGAS, Nev. – The network’s pervasiveness is well known. But the extent of its integration into life experiences is made clear in a survey taken of more than 1,100 attendees of the Cisco Networkers 2006 user conference.One survey question asked,”What is your most interesting or pleasantly surprising life experience that was enabled by the network or being online?”The results were astounding. No less than 13 people said they met their wives online.”œSustaining a long-distance relationship with a girlfriend who is now my wife,” one respondent said of his most interesting experience enabled by the network. Who would argue?The network has become a conduit for all sorts of key personal and professional relations.One man said his most interesting life experience was”when my wife (who was adopted at birth) found her biological mother. Without the Internet, this wouldn’t have happened.””Found lost family member after 30 years,” said one respondent.”œSending a video feed to a U.S. Marine in Iraq during the birth of his son,” said another.The network easily enhances family communications over distances. One respondent said he has enjoyed,”Remote communications with my young children while on the road – via email, IM, and now VoIP.”The network has also enhanced a wide variety of communications experiences.”I watched the Space Shuttle launch via an IP video solution that we implemented at Kennedy Space Flight Center, from a remote conference in Nashville, Tenn.,” said one respondent.”It was just an experience just to get to do something that cool, and see the wow on the faces of the people who realized they were not watching TV, but were watching TV over the internet.”Another said he enjoyed,”Interactive LiveDive experience with underwater divers and a remotely-operated vehicle under the Monterey Bay.”Man’s best friend has also taken its place in the Internet age.”I found my dog on an rescue agency’s Web site,” one respondent said.

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