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Network Security – Staying One Step Ahead [INFOGRAPHIC]

June 16, 2011 - 7 Comments

We don’t just use information technology, we rely on it to live, work, learn, and play. Our lives are about being connected, and today we use myriad devices to access networks to generate and exchange a staggering amount of data. Now, more than ever, security professionals must protect that information and help drive higher levels of trust and confidence in our networks, systems, and online services.

Security professionals must adapt to threats that continually change. Today’s networks are quite complex, presenting security risks and challenges that are increasingly difficult to detect and mitigate. An enterprise faces any number of possibilities – from online sabotage and theft, to espionage and terrorism. Our adversaries are creative, well-resourced, and relentlessly looking for new ways to exploit our vulnerabilities. While they may not always succeed, any success is too much. That means we, as protectors of our networks, have to always be on top of our game, and one step ahead.

The burning question is: How can we stack the odds in our favor? The most advantageous security posture uses an architecture-based approach with in-depth security that is woven throughout the network fabric. This posture embraces context awareness, to help keep the bad stuff out and protect the good stuff, no matter where it resides. Network functionality stays inbounds and compliant, with consistent policies and controls, risk mitigation, auditing, and reporting. And critical online services maintain required uptime, so we can enhance productivity and increase innovation.

While complexity remains one of the greatest network security challenges, one thing is certain – when it comes to outsmarting our adversaries, constant vigilance and preparedness are two weapons that every organization needs in its arsenal. We must also be confident that the data, systems, network, and online services we use are as safe and secure as possible, so we can continue to communicate, interact, work, learn, and play – in business and in life.

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