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NBC Achieves “Holy Grail of Digital Video” for Beijing Olympics

August 6, 2008 - 7 Comments

Cisco IP Video technology will enable groundbreaking NBC coverage of Beijing Olympic Games. NBC will provide Olympic experience anywhere, anyplace, anytime to multiple delivery platforms. Craig Lau, vice president for Information Technology, NBC Olympics states,”With the Cisco network solution, we’ve achieved the Holy Grail of digital video, which is the ability to perform shot selections on low-resolution files and extract high-resolution material from those files even as they are being recorded. That is a huge accomplishment.” He continues:”Cisco is a trusted partner, and in the demanding IT environment of the Olympic Games, we depend on trusted relationships. We have absolute deadlines for when Olympics coverage begins and ends. Cisco technologies help us exceed expectations and meet our timetables in an unforgiving environment.”Tony Bates, senior vice president and general manager, Cisco Service Provider Group says, “We are making broadcast history, executing the creation, management and distribution of digital video in a way that’s never been achieved before….The next best thing to being in Beijing is to be able to see the event coverage.” I, for one, am looking forward to following some events online and via broadcast, but it is cool that NBC is enabling people to access the content via multiple platforms…and it is cool that Cisco is able to help NBC accomplish this. Here’s where you need to go to follow coverage of the Olympics on NBC.

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  1. Personally, I've never given it much thought to capture Olympics.i think Cisco is doing a great job with its new IP video technology for now the videos of Olympics can also be enjoyed on Smart phones now.Thats great. ;)

  2. Cisco in the Coyote Valley”, there are different stakeholders, which hold different interests in the company’s expansion. Some of these stakeholders are in favor of the company’s expansion and there are other stakeholders that are not.

  3. I find the Olympia program information overlays they have been doing hide too mutch action that is going on the screen. During a volley ball point the NBC update was so big that it cover the bottom left third of the screen and what happened.It like stock tickers and weather up dates.I get it, but i can wait 30 sec.

  4. You can't visit the games in China when you can't get a visa, naryabach!

  5. I also enjoyed Olympia broadcasting because I was able to see the event coverage of Beijing Olympics Games.It's great!

  6. And what about visiting the games themselves? Video broadcasting will never replace it!

  7. A Holy Grail of digital video? In my mind that sounds a bit exxagerated. But OK, I enjoyed Olympia broadcasting.