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National LambdaRail Pioneering America’s Broadband Future

News@Cisco writer Charles Waltner offers a look at efforts of the National LamdaRail.

He writes:

One of the hottest topics in the networking industry these days is how the United State’s should develop its broadband infrastructure, highlighted most recently by the Federal Communications Commission’s comprehensive, multi-billion dollar plan to keep the country competitive in the age of the Internet. But since 2003, one organization has been quietly building a big part of the country’s digital future on its own.

He also reports that the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute is using the NLR network to connect scientists to its $100 million National Institutes of Health research facility.

Waltner writes that the National LambdaRail (NLR) is now one of the world’s most formidable public networks, capable of boosting economic development and scientific research through the power of ultra-fast broadband communications.  But getting NLR this far has required a little luck and a lot of perseverance.   He also writes a bit about NLR’s history.

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  1. Very interesting stuff John. Do you think now that the feds have finally stepped up on this passing regulation, they will try to regulate NLR as well?

  2. waltner you said right that the National LambdaRail (NLR) is now one of the world’s most formidable public networks.we should try to maintain our encourage about all type of networks that can increase our country value.

  3. As a high speed Internet installation company – I found it interesting that American companies are installing fiber to the houses of developing countries, while we in the US are toying with the idea of patching whatever we can together. Why have major corporations decided to empower others to leave U.S. in the dust?Typical (you are already our customer), so you will take what we give you. While, getting the new customers will always get the best we can offer.Essentially, I see it as infrastructures in developing countries are light years ahead of U.S. (and built by U.S. companies)

  4. I do believe that a full-scale national network will definitely solve a lot of technical issues regarding scientific researches, especially when doing field works. NLR can also uplift the economic standards of US, I suppose, not just being a trend, but online communication really is very vital to businesses today.