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My Cisco Fiscal New Year’s Resolutions

August 1, 2008 - 4 Comments

Our FY09 started last Saturday. Yes, our FY08 is now over. Our earnings call is this coming Tuesday, after market close…if you’d like to listen in to the call you can find information here.With our “new year” in mind I thought it might be good for me to put down my Fiscal New Year resolutions…I’m taking this opportunity to reimplement some of the resolutions that I didn’t implement for the real new years on January 1…as well as some things that I’d like to focus on for this fiscal year.1. Exercise more. (Note: rehash of 1/1/08 resolution AND I did jump on the elliptical this morning for 25 minutes.)2. Laugh more. (Rehash. And, I had fun chasing 18-month old Jack around in his diapers last night after his bath…we both laughed a lot.)3. Get more subscribers to our YouTube Video Channel. This is a channel that we are experimenting with to highlight some of our executives, chat about things Cisco, as well as talk to analysts, customers and more. (We currently have 150 videos and are adding more all the time.)4. Get more interaction to THIS blog site. We’ve been blogging at Cisco for over three years now and our level of comments and interaction is mediocre at best (but growing). We’d love to hear more from our readers and what is on your minds.5. Show more demonstrations of technology. Our most popular videos on our YouTube PR Channel are of demonstrations of technology. People are voting with their eyeballs and we commit to bringing you more demos, and:finally, 6. As I’m going to hit the big 4-0 late this year (yes, I know, the new 30), I’m going to double down and promise myself to stick to #1 resolution!!!!!Happy New Year.

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  1. All the best on your New Year's resolutions - I'd never thought about basing them on the FY rather than calendar year!

  2. If you'd like to follow Padmasree in her role as CTO of Cisco, one way to do that is via her Twitter account here:

  3. I like the resolutions! I am also working on starting to get my websites more exposure and response. Check out and up the great work with your website. I enjoy reading what you post!

  4. Dear Mr. Earnhardt: I followed Pasmasree Warrior to Cisco because her blogs, at her previous location, inspired me to begin studying electronics with an eye toward the future. My calling is rehabilitating abused horses. I earn my living at the fringe of the communications industry. Be assured that I am now very interested in Cisco and what your company contributes to the world.