My First Time: Collaboration With TelePresence

November 5, 2012 - 2 Comments

Email is great, but sometimes a team just needs to meet face to face, and as we all know, that’s not always financially practical. That’s where TelePresence comes in. Many businesses have been using the technology for years. But I just experienced it for myself recently, and came away totally impressed. If you haven’t seen it before – TelePresence delivers high-quality, lifelike video conferencing. I had been at Cisco for a month or so, when I went to my first TelePresence meeting. I couldn’t believe how great the quality was. Our colleague looked like she was sitting at the same table with us. By the end, it became so much like a normal meeting, I forgot our coworker was across the country near Washington, D.C.! It was great seeing her expressions, instead of just hearing her voice. Being the newbie that I was, I took a picture of the meeting to show my family and friends.

My First TelePresence Meeting













My Facebook post got lots of likes and comments, and even an inquiry.  My friend’s husband travels to China for his businesses at least once a month, and she wondered if the technology would save their company money, and keep her husband from his exhausting, regular trips. As many businesses can attest, TelePresence brings teams together, saves money, and makes collaboration easier. It’s being used in health care, in several smart and connected communities as well as other fields, to improve job performance and lives. It even played a role in the recent National Political Conventions, allowing participants to connect with organizers and supporters in other cities. Meeting in person is great when it’s possible, but TelePresence is the next best thing. In the end, it’s the connection that counts.

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  1. This looks great. Wonder what the costs are though. Nevertheless makes collaboration easier.