Murali Sitaram: “Cisco’s Quadragenarian”

February 3, 2012 - 1 Comment

This week in No Jitter, Cisco Collaboration Vice President Murali Sitaram is featured in an extensive Q&A with editor Dave Michels. Entitled, Cisco’s Quadragenarian,” Sitaram is working to take Cisco, a company with a strong networking core, and move it towards collaboration software that is both social and cloud-based.

Murali discusses his role, Cisco’s perspective on social business software, the post PC-era, collaboration in general, people-centric collaboration, email and more.  In part he says:

“In today’s post-PC era, employees no longer are tied to their desk or required to sit in a conference room to do their jobs…Social collaboration adds a new layer to the communication experience, allowing companies to innovate, grow, expand into new markets and increase productivity.

Over the last two or three decades we have been living in the era of the “document” or…email…if you think about it, people don’t really collaborate or work in that way…We have conversations, we share in communities…previous generation of tools have outlived their utility and we must rethink how people work.”

Read about Sitaram’s radical suggestions for shifting email workloads to better workspaces for people to collaborate. I hope you enjoy reading the interview.  Let me know your thoughts on collaboration and enterprise social software.

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  1. As an employee of a large company, we have been migrating to social, cloud-based solutions like everyone else.

    One of the challenges I face daily is how to use my company’s powerful collaboration tools on projects involving external partner companies and customers. For reasons of security and protection of intellectual property, it is practically impossible to stand up a collaborative workspace to include outsiders.

    One of the things I found encouraging in Murali Sitaram’s article is the intent to embrace and design around industry standards for social cloud-based solutions.

    As CISCO does so well in the networking arena, if your open standards approach leads to the capability to lash up collaborative workspaces across company boundaries while maintaining security of the data, this would be a huge win for CISCO and the community.