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Money for Nothing…And My Cisco TelePresence for Free?

September 24, 2009 - 12 Comments

For the Cisco family (customers, partners, suppliers and partners), TelePresence reached the “must have” technology category in the past year.  Many have called it “Cisco’s iPod,” as it defines a new market around rich video collaboration.

Although the primary use case for TelePresence is business collaboration, in the past few years we also used TelePresence to facilitate a global dialogue around climate change with former Vice President and Nobel Prize winner Al Gore and we positioned it to bring the NBA, NHL and now the NFL and sports fans a little closer.

Now we are asking the world why they want TelePresence.  In fact we have made this a contest and offered $3000 and 5 hours of TelePresence to the winner. 

This offers draws some pretty lofty goals, as one respondent wrote in:

“I want Cisco Telepresence to do transcontinental medical research. We will assist willing terminally ill patients in the US in experiencing many different ancient healing visual and auditory tele-medical procedures (from certain Asian and South American countries), that do not require touch, to help them live longer. When this research work is proven to be effective (if it is), then the results can be generalized to the entire global population, starting with us. This could save a lot of money expense on drugs in the terminally ill, and hopefully benefit others as well. The huge benefit will be the recording of the TelePresence of each patient.”

 Others have decided that a fun angle would provide the winning entry.


Why do you want Telepresence?

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  1. Thanks for the heads up about Cisco, the globalization of business increases the need for frequent interaction between colleagues, partners and associates. These people may be located in different demographic locations and need to meet in one single location simultaneously. This will be possible with Cisco’s Telepresence. Telepresence provides a very significant boost in productivity by saving time and effort that can be utilized in more productive engagements. In the past people had to resort to the use of a television-set type unit and employees had to use remote control keypads to set up meetings.

  2. Very Nice :)

  3. I use Telepresence in group meetings with regional members all the time. I really want it because it is a useful tool for my business

  4. My opinion is that the Telepresence is an initiative to corporate cost cutting by reducing the needs for air traveling. This eventually make travel requests hard to be approved.

  5. This is my first time I've heard CISCO Telepresence... I bet i can join the contest.

  6. Good blog for info about sisco products thanks Lisa

  7. I have many friends and clients I like to keep in touch with and seeing them even through pc monitor is great experience.

  8. TelePresence help us for the communication and make thing became odd.someone who work together for a long time but never meet each other!

  9. Thanks for this informative post. It is right the primary use for TelePresence is only business collaboration. But these days TelePresence services used for climate change with former. I really appreciate its services. Thanks for sharing back link.

  10. Although the primary use case for TelePresence is a business cooperation. In the past few years. TelePresence is also used to facilitate a dialogue about global climate change.

  11. I remember once asking someone if I had ever actually met them in person. We had seen"" each other over Telepresence and video for a year as co-workers, but never actually met face-to-face, though it took a minute for both of us to realize this!"

  12. I desperately want TelePresence to see my mom and nieces and nephews and cousins and aunts and uncles and friends and in-laws who all live so many thousands of miles away.But unfortunately I'm a Cisco employee and can't enter contest. Good luck to contestants!