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MLB Network and Cisco Announce Multiyear Technology Relationship

- March 31, 2011 - 9 Comments

Opening Day is here! Baseball, long revered as America’s pastime, sets the stage of anticipation for the beginning of summer. It’s an exciting time of the year, as many fans will head out to the “yard” or gather with family and friends to watch some of the world’s best athletes play a game that is so near and dear to their hearts.

As fans, we consume content in a variety of ways, through the use of immersive video, online communities and blogs, and other collaborative tools and channels. We are always seeking ways to get closer to the sports we love.

Today, I am very happy to announce that Cisco has established a multiyear technology relationship with MLB Network, featuring the use of Cisco technology solutions in key video-dependent areas of their broadcasts.

Of note, MLB Network will use Cisco Ballpark Cams that are positioned either in center field, behind home plate, or in the dugouts. MLB Network sends video from these cameras over the Cisco network from these ballparks back to MLB Network’s studios. This enables the network to gather live shots and visibility into the game like never before. Since the inception in 2009, MLB Network has now deployed this solution into 29 of 30 ballparks across the league.

Additionally, you’ll see Cisco TelePresence used on MLB Network’s new talk show, “Intentional Talk,” which airs Monday through Friday from 5 p.m. – 6 p.m. ET. When hosts Chris Rose and Kevin Millar are not broadcasting from MLB Network’s studios, they’ll use Cisco TelePresence solutions to connect with each other, creating a life-like and unique way to use Cisco video collaboration technologies for face-to-face conversations.

Enjoy the game… even more, thanks to Cisco & MLB Network!

Cisco Ballpark Cam’s [VIDEO]

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  1. I am all for using technology in this wonderful pastime, especially if that technology is not obvious and intrusive to the viewers and players. For a sport that should be trying to restore its integrity amid scandals, I think the quality of the images being sent to our TVs has improved enough to overcome some of those hurdles.

  2. this is awesome. bb can be boring to watch...but watching it from diff angles will probably bring a new look towards the sport. and p.s. LA Self Storage...i is the america's sport now :)

  3. First of all - I love Kevin Millar! Love what MLB is doing to incorporate new technology in a business that once stubbornly clung to the past!

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  5. That's great. Cisco has been providing top-notch technology solutions for years. MLB Network will only get better!

  6. Very Nice and helpful post thanks for sharing...

  7. I really like the services provided, may be further improved broadcast quality.

  8. nice one! best of luck..

  9. I've been really impressed with the evolution of TV coverage of baseball games over the past decade... Keep up the good work