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Live, Social Broadcasting as Easy as 1, 2, 3

May 26, 2010 - 29 Comments

I remember my very first television live shot. As a newbie reporter I was working the morning shift in Bangor, Maine. (Morning shift in TV land, by the way, is up at 2, in at 3, live at 5. A.M!!)  It was winter and it was cold, very cold. There was a snow storm and I was standing smack dab in the middle of it…telling everyone (or should I say anyone) who was watching all about it.

It took a lot to make that live shot happen. I was a small part of the puzzle. There was a pretty heavy duty camera, hooked up to the live truck, sending a microwave signal back to the station, all operated by a photographer who knew how to solve just about any technical crisis that came his way.

Fast forward ten years, and today the social media communications team at Cisco produced its ninth Talk2Cisco show…with nothing more than an internet connection, a streaming camera, a few lights and good mics.


Talk2Cisco is a live, social broadcast where Cisco leaders talk about hot topics in technology and business and viewers have the opportunity to comment via a social stream (Twitter, Facebook, AIM, MySpace). It’s a fireside chat of sorts, putting those with the expertise directly in touch with those who want to tap into it. It’s fast moving, engaging and viral.  

We’ve learned a lot about live, social broadcasting , in particular the value and power of the public social stream (as opposed to social broadcasting apps for use within the firewall). In the spirit of sharing best practices, here are some of the questions we ask ourselves before each broadcast:

  • What is the purpose for using a live, social broadcasting platform to communicate the message or story?

              If it is merely to talk about a topic, product or strategy, this isn’t the right place. The purpose of this medium is to engage in a dialogue.  

  • Does the person/team to be featured  have a social following or social footprint?

             If so, tap into it and identify who you want to listen and engage in the broadcast. Invite them and follow up.

  • How can we extend the reach of the program beyond the actual broadcast?

           Embed the replay in future communications (i.e. blog posts), connect the viewers with individuals and resources to continue the conversation after the show ends, post show on You Tube and other video hosting sites.

Have questions about live, social broadcasting and how we are using it, shoot a comment or follow us at @Talk2Cisco or me @kcsnell. Below is a look behind the scene of the show.


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  1. I’m just about to purchase a camera to help with my marketing efforts. I’m a writer, but it seems like you gotta make the jump these days!

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  4. Bloggers are now investing heavily in podcasting tools. People love more visual then text. Accept it

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  9. This is a very common way for businesses to do their meetings without the hassle of a long-distance travel and various hotel fees. I can see this becoming another big thing for news reporters and local/live television programs for the very near future. People are already starting to hook up their computers to their televisions to watch online material if their provider doesn’t have that kind of access already. I think it’s only a matter of time before something like this (pardon the pun) takes storm!

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  27. Nicely done! I remember those days…wasn’t at all jealous of the early morning hours, but was always impressed by you.