John Chambers: “The Way to Communicate is Video”

June 3, 2009 - 6 Comments video interview with Cisco CEO John Chambers talking about how he uses his Flip video camera. “Video is the future of communications.”

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  1. John-Congratulations Grand-Pa”””^0^1^^^0^0
    13973^7477^KDog^^^^2009-06-10 21:13:55^2009-06-10 21:13:55^Interesting topic, it’s amazing how the capacity has expanded so fast. A Zettabyte today a Yottabyte tomorrow! There is more info on this topic at^0^1^^^0^0
    13975^6848^Wendy Hale^^^^2009-07-01 22:19:52^2009-07-01 22:19:52^Is support for the FEX on the N5K and 6500 officially on the roadmap? If so, what is the planned release date?^0^1^^^0^0
    12285^6666^Shashi Kiran^^^^2009-01-15 20:59:29^2009-01-15 20:59:29^Last week, we received registrations from the following countries that were new to the list: New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and South Africa bringing the total to 72 countries. Thank you to all the registrants!^0^1^^^0^0
    12286^6712^Patrick^^^^2009-01-25 00:22:39^2009-01-25 00:22:39^I agree. An IP Communicator iPhone app would be great^0^1^^^0^0
    12287^6754^brandi^^^^2009-01-20 18:02:14^2009-01-20 18:02:14^lame lame lame^0^1^^^0^0
    12288^6548^Cisco Fan^^^^2009-01-17 01:55:45^2009-01-17 01:55:45^Very cool contest, and matches well with Cisco’s announcements at CES^0^1^^^0^0
    13949^7478^Sam Johnston^^^^2009-06-09 14:51:47^2009-06-09 14:51:47^Y’all are serious about this cloud thing, aren’t ya?Have fun… looking forward to seeing the offspring of this union.Sam^0^1^^^0^0
    12395^6820^Roland Dobbins^^^^2009-01-25 08:38:16^2009-01-25 08:38:16^I believe the term for what you’re describing is ‘streaming apps’; the idea is that there’re things like common UI widgets and so forth on the client, but nothing approaching the complexity and weight of a current OS stack. The application logic and data are streamed down to the client from the cloud infrastructure, much as video can be streamed from YouTube, etc.One important enabling factor for this model is ubiquitous high-speed wireless connectivity; while 3G buildouts continue apace, it’s going to be quite some time before universal coverage is achieved. So, it’s quite possible that, depending upon the location of the use and the measured quality of the connectivity between client and cloud, more of the app/data will be downloaded proactively as the user approaches the edges of coverage, so as to ensure uninterrupted functionality, with deltas uploaded and memory/storage/processor freed up as the user moves once again into areas with better connectivity and/or proximity to the leveraged cloud infrastructure.Also, there are some types of processing, like high-res 3D graphics, which will almost assuredly *always* run locally.Another point to consider is that mobile devices themselves will probably end up as part of the cloud infrastructure, operating in a P2P fashion, with processor, memory, and storage dynamically allocated and deallocated to run shared applications. So, the dividing line between client and cloud infrastructure will gradually fade, until more and more of the objects with which we surround ourselves are cloud infrastructure elements, in and of themselves.This could make for some interesting revenue models – for example, mobile voice/video/data users could receive subsidized service in exchange for guaranteeing a certain percentage or metric of their individual computing/storage/networking capacity to a virtual overlay SaaS or PaaS system. Lots of possiblities, here.^0^1^^^0^0
    12292^6206^sohbet^^^^2009-02-15 11:37:23^2009-02-15 11:37:23^thankssss^0^1^^^0^0
    13948^7478^Christofer Hoff^^^^2009-06-09 14:51:51^2009-06-09 14:51:51^”Right then, how’d you manage to get my high school yearbook picture!? The patented ‘squirrel mullet’ was all the rage back then, I assure you.Thanks for the welcome. I’m extremely excited. You know what they say about squirrels and nuts. ;)*Now, about that Nexus 7000 for my home lab…/Hoff*P.S. All of these squirrel references point to the movie Up.”” If you haven’t seen it, you should, if only to understand the joke.”

  2. Is it possible to install SIP soft phone to this device for it to be able to communicate with IP PBX?

  3. video with great sound and a good story is the future / think of it as a mini movie / this is where we are going / that plus personal media”” / always on / connected / and very personal / we now get ready to do business one to one / Personal / Great focus You Tube / twitter / I tunes / Rock and roll for ever / ellis”

  4. John sounds like the evangelical he should be for a newly purchased company; however this is not
    ew technology”” nor is video communication a certain “”next big thing””. In fact based on historical market evidence (video phones, video conferencing for anyone but large companies who can afford it, video messaging, videoing period for anyone other than parents with young kids and teenagers with video capability on their phones) one would have to seriously doubt that it will ever become a “”killer app.””But what about YouTube you say? It’s big. In Jan 09 market researcher Comscore said that the video server hit the 100 billion viewer mark with those watching a total of just under 15 billion videos in Jan 09 alone. But note that the 100 billion is not unique viewers and the 15 billion figure counts all clicks regardless of how long the person “”watched.”” And more than that, viewing is not communicating.Now let’s look at some “”old”” tech, email. According to another research company, this time Radicati Group, in August 08 the world sent around 55 billion legitimate (excludes SPAM) emails per day, which works out to about 600,000 every second of every one of the 24 hours. Having said that, the Flip camcorder is cool and there will no doubt be even cooler ones to follow but the real test of whether or not John is right to the degree that he believes he is, will only come with time.”

  5. This is real. I saw John using his Flip camera in several events during his April visit to Mexico.

  6. That is indeed how people are going to communicate. Question is how will consumers form their opinions and points of view? Answer: Peers and Colleagues – collaboration among peers is the key to innovation in our lives. That is why I formed the innovative SiliconAngle community blog. Video and media drive attention and intimacy and peer groups like SiliconAngle and Facebook among other peer environments will drive opinion shaping.