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John Chambers on partnering with service providers and the Starent acquisition at MWC

February 26, 2010 - 19 Comments

John Chambers, Cisco chairman and CEO provides his thoughts coming out of the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona last week.  He talks through customer reactions to Cisco’s acquistion of Starent Networks and the creation of the new Cisco Mobile Internet Technologies Group, and Cisco’s approach to partnering with service providers.  There have been some interesting comparisons between Cisco’s approach and that of our peers in the media this week and I think John is pretty clear on this – we partner for life. 

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  1. Cisco's on the verge of acquiring new companies as well, this is just the start. Good for them

  2. John Chambers is a solid businessman, and an even better leader. Cisco is blessed to have him!

  3. I think this is a very good example of Cisco's triumphs and good leadership. Keep up the good work Cisco! Mobile internet is the future!

  4. The partner for life strategy has served Cisco so well in the past, John’s comments provide a fascinating insight into what makes Cisco tick. notebook teknik servisi notebook servisi bilgisayar servisi bilgisayar servisi "

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  6. whoa! john chambers is right on the spot with this!maybe we can transfer a few of these to our mobile workers corner @ rotterdam (s2m010)keep up the good work!edgar neofounding family rotterdam (S2M010)

  7. Well if the way Cisco systems deals with customers is any indication, than their dealings with new partners and service providers should blossom into the future. I think to that end John is spot on, relationships are everything.

  8. Any idea what monitoring app that is in the background?

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  10. Excellent post! The video is nice and interesting! The speech is quite good and very impressive also.

  11. This acquisition is another example of Cisco's triumphs and nonetheless John Chambers leadership. We have seen throughout the past 5 years numerous acquisitions made by Cisco of targeted companies, companies that are the best at what they do. From wireless to telepresence, with this accomplishment Cisco is acquiring the knowledge necessary to distinguish themselves in Mobile Broadband services. It wouldn't surprise me to see new hardware and software marketed by Cisco targeting the 3G and 4G mobile provider networks. Good for Cisco!

  12. John chambers is one of the intelligent and honest person that Cisco will ever find, I ve been using the cisco and I know this person for quite long. He is really having awesome views.

  13. Insightful speech from John Chambers, nice to see that Barcelona is getting the attention it deserves.

  14. The partner for life strategy has served Cisco so well in the past, John's comments provide a fascinating insight into what makes Cisco tick.

  15. Excellent speech there. I look forward to seeing more and more of these small speeches and potentially guides.

  16. Hi Marc,Great video posted by you. The mobility play is definitely a right one. Partners will create differentiation to win this space. Enabling Employee mobility will be #1 spending area in SMB space.Thanks for sharing

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  18. I love to see how they are working in Barcelona.I agree with John, things are changing in the movile phone world...but perhaps not enought like the users want...

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