Intersection of Art and Science: the Future of Entertainment

May 17, 2007 - 1 Comment

I have to admit, it’s the trip of a lifetime: for the next week I’ll be with the Cisco team at the Cannes Film Festival.In its 60th year, the Cannes Film Festival has a long history of looking at the future of film and how the industry is evolving. And that brings me to why Cisco is at Cannes (only the second most frequently asked question behind”can I come with you?”).The entertainment industry is in the midst of a massive evolution driven primarily by the digitization of content, and the increasing ease of distribution via broadband. Cisco has been a sponsor of film festivals for the last several years to not only remind people about the role of the network in this evolution (you know, that thing that makes all of this stuff”go”), but also to engage the entertainment industry in a conversation about what is coming next, and how Cisco can partner with them along the way.On Sunday, May 20th, Cisco is sponsoring a panel at the American Pavilion titled:”The Internet: A New Platform for Storytelling, or Just Distribution?” Dan Scheinman, GM of the Cisco Media Solutions Group, will be joined by Tony Perkins from AlwaysOn, and a panel of industry insiders ranging from filmmakers to marketers. We hope to have a lively conversation on how the digital revolution is changing all aspects of the business -from production and post-production, to financing and marketing.More soon. Cheers.

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  1. Cisco cannot and will not do this on its own. It tried in the corporate name space (infrastructure to logical, e.g. LDAP) and it failed. They will try the same with digital signage/entertainment and it MAY fail also. Invest in my Cicso and we will help ya get there. We will be your cheer leader and front line boots on the ground :). Otherwise… best wishes to ya. you somehow have to win the hearts back of us tried and true IT folks that walked away from you years ago and do not see you as a bellwether in this space… Seed us, invest and believe in us and we may change our mind(s) and become you fans once again 😉