Interop New York: Bright Lights, Big Network and How to Manage it All

September 30, 2011 - 8 Comments

New York City always has lots going on, but if you’re heading there next week, don’t miss all the great activities we have going on at Interop 2011. We’ll be focusing on several timely IT trends and issues, but our top billing will be Bring Your Own Device.

In fact, if you saw my blog from the past week, Not Your Mother’s Connected World, you might remember one of the statistics I cited from our 2011 Cisco Connected World Technology Report: Two-thirds of students (66%) and more than half of employees (58%) cite a mobile device (laptop, smartphone, tablet) as “the most important technology in their lives.” This attitude, plus the overall proliferation of mobile devices up the ante for IT managers as they look to find new ways of managing the network.

To see what else we have in store in for you next week, watch the video below.


I hope to see you at Booth 121! And remember, for more detail on what’s going on, go to

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  1. What you’ve just said here just once again confirms how communication and the internet have become necessary commodities in this new century.

    Students and employees aren’t the only ones heavily utilizing the internet either (along with the mobile devices and services that connect them to it). Entire businesses rely on them too for all sorts of online marketing strategies such as a B2B lead generation campaign.

    It’s not an uncommon occurrence for a cellphone, a tablet, and laptop to be within arm’s reach of a CEO. I know this both from experience at work and the fact that both my parents run a business of their own.

  2. Tahnks for such a great post.

  3. This was inevitable as Cisco has been such an innovator in the world of technology. This article is proof and a hint at the next few years as I believe also, that new technology today = an integral part of our everyday lives tomorrow.

  4. Yeah, mobile phone has become a primary need for everyone. Good video !

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  7. Its good that IT issues and trends will be discussed at Interop 2011. I think college students should attend Interop 2011 as having up to date knowledge regarding Information Technology is essential for using technology in a beneficial way.