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I am the World’s Most Interesting Intern: Vegas Edition

July 1, 2010 - 58 Comments

Interns of the world: Attention.  If you aren’t an intern, please stop reading.

Really though…stop. Greg Justice here, Social Media intern in the communications dept. for Cisco Systems.  And, I am STILL the world’s most interesting intern. If you think your internship is more interesting, please post a video response on Youtube/cscopr/ or in the comments section of this blog.

I’ll be posting weekly right here on and highlighting the best INTERN video responses.  Follow me on Twitter @gregjustice.

I traveled to CiscoLive is Las Vegas this week where we announced the new business tablet, the Cisco Cius…and, I humbly offer my sophomore video effort here:

If you missed my first effort, you can see it here.

Beat by JurahzTRUTH.

Lyrics by me:

“Oh we back baby…in the City of Sin…the city of him (point to myself)…Cisco Live 2010. Greg Justice here and I am the world’s most interesting intern…I see you Mashable, Kara Swisher, NBC, Portugal, Yahoo, WCG – look out for a hot collaboration next week…for now, check out my sophomore slump!

I decided that I had to take it to Nevada,

Cus I’m the baddest rapper, never fallin like Niagara,

One listen, I’ll make you a believer,

Too many music fans just leave it to Bieber,

I’m with Caesar, no lie man I wanna be famous,

Like Pete Cashmore or Mr. John Chambers.

I’m in Vegas, just hangin’ out at CiscoLive,

But I flew in from the Bay, so I got that Frisco vibe.

We just launched a business tablet called the Cius,

With video, it’s a Bentley, not a Prius…

With all this press, my ego’s getting rather large,

You other interns: I’m taller than your Avatar.

At Cisco Systems we interns do more than brew the coffee,

Is there another business with an intern who can top me?

Make some copies! And I’ll go take my chips and cash out,

I’m an All-Star intern, kickin’ it with Smash Mouth!”

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  1. Bravah! That was (almost) musical. lol As a tech geek over at Sonus Hearing Aids and Care, however, I have to say the Cisco Cius announcement is more interesting.Mobile collaboration business tablet? I’m there. Rapping intern? I’ll pass, thanks.. 🙂 But nice try!”

  2. good video,so cool! hahaaaa

  3. Ok you guys need to listen to the Rick and Bubba Radio show you want to talk about crazy interns-I will have to tell them about this site

  4. Great work Greg, made me laugh. Looks like you are making the most of your cisco internship!

  5. lolz….nice one. dont look like an intern to me..

  6. Freakin Brilliant! Cisco…really? I love the creativity of this entire project!Keep it up man!

  7. You obviously have a very tiring job over there at Cisco.

  8. Great video greg better than the first!

  9. This is a great video, I hope you will have a more wonderful new clip. Thank for your sharing

  10. Nice video that has compelled me towards Cisco

  11. Fantastic!Look forward to reading your next article!

  12. Wow greg I don’t know what to say. It really looks like your videos are blowing up this site. I loved your last video and I think you topped that one with this. I can’t wait til you put up your next video. Great lyrics by the way.

  13. HAHA awesome video, you seem like a good intern to have around 🙂

  14. Thanks for this news!

  15. HA HA!!! Excellent–better than the first!

  16. Wow! That was probably the most amazing rap I’ve ever seen. This is definitely the best announcement video ever. What a great way to lure people in! Mississauga Real Estate

  17. wow.. i interesting with this tutorials…Thanks is great job!!!

  18. Great video, hilarious! Thank god I was never an intern.

  19. Epic move at 1:00-1:03Epic look #1 at 1:10-1:14Epic look #2 at 1:15-1:17(THUMBS UP)

  20. You have just made my day :-)I wish I had people like you working for me too. Keep it up!

  21. interesting and creative when walking in escalator hehe.. nice videos friend

  22. awesome video 🙂

  23. Cool video man….very creative 🙂

  24. Hahahah great videoReally want to see more!!!Lorie

  25. This guy is the new fresh prince of bell aire.

  26. nice video,I like this 🙂

  27. Great video! Great creativity and very promising career.

  28. Ohh man, you have it! Looks like a really amazing internship… I’m sitting here and working on some boring excel stuff… Wonna switch jobs with me?

  29. Very good Your video editing skills are improving. Keep on truckin’ (that’s an expression from before you were born – but you ought to be able to look it up on some wiki or ‘nother).

  30. ha, ha, ha. Cool!!! Thanks for sharing.

  31. Nice job man, cool way to get out the word out about Cisco’s latest. Keep up the creativity.

  32. Haha! i don’t know if you’re the most interesting intern, but definitely the most entertaining.

  33. Good blog for you 🙂 Hih… Amusing video, has forced to smile 🙂 At Cisco Systems we interns do more than brew the coffee,I apologise for my English…

  34. Excellent video 🙂 Cisco Systems as always shows a good creative)))

  35. Haha.. You are really good:)Keep them coming ChristanVinduespudser Lyngby

  36. you’re two for two, Justice. nice work

  37. Haha, nice rhymes man! You are actually better than some rappers out today lol!

  38. Haha, love to see how you’re putting your social media knowledge into practice. This guy is going to get hired!

  39. Thanks for sharing this full of humour post.

  40. Haha, I don’t think it’s a hard thing to achieve 😉

  41. Much better internship than the one i am doing

  42. Just a fabulous video. I’m still laughing.Tony

  43. very nice video,thanks for sharing this to usgood workkeep it up..

  44. Greg congrats on getting famous (and thanks for forwarding the video on to our blog). We over at InternMatch love how you are taking your communications role to the next level. Also, we decided to check to see if you really were the world’s most interesting rapping intern, and found a competitor in the Crispin Porter intern team. Their rap is pretty good too, check it out here:

  45. Yo Intern! You making me smileee, Yes! I’m diggin’ your styleee, so much more respectable than Miley.

  46. Great video. Will look forward to seeing more, thanks.

  47. Awesome video, Greg! Keep it coming! I’m proud to have been a Cisco intern 🙂

  48. Great video.Thanks for the good work.

  49. Damn, you still here 😀 I thought they fired you after the last video 😉 :DYou got some moves! 😀

  50. Good goin’! Your video editing skills are improving. Keep on truckin’ (that’s an expression from before you were born – but you ought to be able to look it up on some wiki or ‘nother).

  51. Nice Video. Thanks.

  52. Just when I thought you had set the bar exceptionally high with your premier video- you outdid yourself in Las Vegas! Very funny and love your acrobatics. You are the world’s most interesting intern!

  53. very interesting and creative. have a friend from cisco.

  54. Shucks! I am also an intern here at Cisco, and had just scripted my Vegas-Style response to your original post. You beat me to the punch! Keep ’em coming. You’re cracking us all up.