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I am the World’s Most Interesting Intern: HealthPresence Edition

July 9, 2010 - 43 Comments

Lots of basketball news this week with Lebron James, Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, Greg Justice, etc.

Basically, I am STILL the world’s most interesting intern. If you think your internship is more interesting, please post a video response on Youtube/cscopr/ or in the comments section of this blog.

I’ll be posting weekly right here on and highlighting the best INTERN video responses (see featured responses below).  Follow me on Twitter @gregjustice.

Best intern responses so far…Australia:

and, Denver:

Keep the great videos coming.

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  1. love the idea of connecting interns from all over the world

  2. Anything is possibleeee … (with surgery) 😀 😀

  3. Lol.. dunking is all about fast twitch muscles! He is getting high enough, just gotta dunk the ball in right.. Intern #1 gets my vote.

  4. Haha funny video! Keep posting!

  5. Hi,lol that was funny as hell. Keep the great work!

  6. Прикольное видео. Самое главное качественное

  7. Freakin’ hilarious, man. Lookin’ boss. Lookin’ boss.

  8. Hehe.. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  9. Interesting videos. I liked the first one better. If there’s a surgical procedure to increase my jump, I’d definitely undergo one.

  10. Nice videos. I’m waiting for others.

  11. Thanks for the information The Australia one is pretty interesting. Thanks for posting the videos.

  12. Wow! Great videos.

  13. Greg is getting good press for Cisco. I see your video has been picked up by Wall Street Journal

  14. Good work, you might even win some internet prize for this excellent…hmmm… how to call it… work??

  15. Australia’s response make my day. Thanks for sharing

  16. It is indeed cool! way to go!!

  17. Let me say that Australia win in this case 😉

  18. Hi Greg, nice to know that you are having a good life as an intern. most dont get that. All the best.

  19. Hi Greg. You are doing a great job but you need more practice on dunking though. Keep it UP!

  20. Wow, there’s a big competition going on between interns.

  21. haaaaa…. that’s really good.i like that. 🙂

  22. yes, really interesting video

  23. I am really bad at basket, I will never be able todunk… ever…

  24. Hah, lol, first video nice 😀

  25. The Australia one is pretty interesting.

  26. Very slick, Greg!!!Let’s go back to basics and hit up a rhyme about unified computing or the record breaking CRS-1.Booyah

  27. You might HAVE the world’s most interesting internship. Thank you..

  28. Australia’s response was the best, ha

  29. Hi Greg,Keep them coming!Thanks,Brad Reese

  30. Ha-ha. Australia’s response make my day. Thanks for sharing =]

  31. I love Australia’s response! LOL

  32. I’ve never even glanced at a corporate blog before this one. Great job of bringing some publicity to your company!

  33. Heheh, nice videos. I’m waiting for others.By the way I’m following you from Twitter.

  34. I was wondering what people that worked at Cisco did. 😛 Thanks for the insight.

  35. Interesting videos. I liked the first one better. If there’s a surgical procedure to increase my jump, I’d definitely undergo one.

  36. 3rd video is really funny!I’ve laugh so much. The Lyrics is nice.

  37. sauhseahuesausehuase, fun video man but maybe workout is not for you xD

  38. Good work my friend.Thank you very much

  39. he hegreat videoi can’t compete with those interns

  40. Same here. I’ve seen a lot of stuff like that wherever I browse the internet – basketball stuff.

  41. Hey these are pretty funny but this week I’m gonna have to go with the TV intern in Australia. Our interns have never gone to that much effort so we’ll have to get them armed with a video camera to battle it out in future weeks.

  42. Hahaha. I wonder if there actually is a surgical procedure that would increase your vertical jump height. Too bad calf implants don’t actually work.Funny video, though.