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I Am The World’s Most Interesting Intern

June 25, 2010 - 242 Comments

Interns of the world.  Attention.  Greg Justice here, Social Media intern in the Communications department for Cisco Systems. I AM THE WORLD’S MOST INTERESTING INTERN.

Post a video response if you think your internship is more interesting…or if you think you’re better than me.

I’ll be posting weekly right here on and highlighting the best video responses.  Follow me on Twitter @gregjustice.


Cisco Systems intern, California resident,

I just staffed a pretty cool event with the President

Of RUSSIA…day 8 on the job and I just saw the President

Of RUSSIA…maaaan I bet you never ever ever got a chance to see the President of RUSSIA!

Okay, here we go:

I’m courteous and affable, my name badge is retractable

You other interns laughable, your thermos must be half as full.

I’m 6’7” staffable, you can’t find giraffes this tall,

I’m known to play some basketball, or finish office tasks on call.

When I rap I have to win, I’m in the break room back again with

Notebooks, stacks of pens, soundin’ off these acronyms:


VPN, CEO, I’m soundin’ like C-3PO.

2 things that you need to know: I’m always clean and never late,

I’m known to rock a cubicle and show my face on clever tapes

I’m workin on my ThinkPad, sendin’ mail every day,

It’s natural to think that I’m talented in every way.

A blog post, a Twitter tweet, I’m never where the quitters be,

It’s social network wizardry – I’m all about the synergy.

The vuvuzela interests me, and I’ve got the best hair,

3 words that I’ll leave you with: ergonomic desk chair.

(Lyrics: Cisco’s World Most Interesting Intern: Greg Justice)

(Music: JurahzTRUTH)

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  1. Such a cool video I loved it. I laughed my butt off keep up the good work!!

  2. Hahahahaha this is soooo coool…..”It’s social network wizardry – I’m all about the synergy” classic line Hahahaha

  3. Perfect for a Friday laugh, I wish I had found this sooner.

  4. Awesome and extremely funny, wicked!!

  5. Hey Gregg Nice rap! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  6. Lol, you just gave me a giggle! Well, hello there handsome! 😉

  7. Verry creative and funny. You are damm smart guy!

  8. Greg, you are indeed interesting. Possibly the most depending on what beer you drink!

  9. I needed a good laugh. That was perfect.

  10. Okay, but have you ever seen a resident of Prussia?… Wow, this was the most collaboricious, virtualizatious, telepresentious internitudinizing I have ever come across! I hope your stay at Cisco is this enjoyable…

  11. Funny. 🙂

  12. Great use of video. Great use of social media.Thank youTum

  13. I like you son!

  14. it nice video i enjoyed a lot

  15. you’ve had me at ergonomic desk chair ^_^Lol, very funny vid, when we get a new intern, I’ll definitel get him to do a video to beat yours!

  16. awesome and entertaining!

  17. This is pretty cool. I enjoyed it. thanks!

  18. You can’t stop now ? Keep them coming. My fav tag is met the President of Russia”” etc. Well done and welcome to Cisco !”

  19. lol cool … thanks any opportunity to smile.

  20. Our intern Nicholas at Riverbed Technology is faster than you! #1 in optimization (of course) and brains!!!!

  21. Great fun!This is fantastic way to show the world that letting employees in big, enterprise companies have fun is great business, and only enhances the brand. Of course, you also hired Tim Washer, who is the master of fun marketing videos. With Washer and Justice, the fun-o-meter has now been raised. Those other companies have got to bring it! Well played, Cisco.

  22. This could end up on those TV programmes that we have in the UK of all the funniest online stuff. I have learnt… to rap – Kind of!

  23. My good , U claim down

  24. Epic performance! Spread the word….

  25. Interns are to funny! Like to see more of UR vides!

  26. Flexiytarian is intristyn, keep it real with no cyncism.

  27. Supper Funny You Are A Great Rapper I Loved It!!!

  28. This was really a knowledgeable post…Expecting more posts like this !

  29. Great lyrics, was that a Cisco or Sisqo rap. lol, very entertaing all the same!!

  30. Your face keeps popping up on newsletter emails and so I clicked. Dude, you rocked my Friday afternoon! That was fab and made me laugh out loud…

  31. I’ll have what he is having 🙂 Very well done, amazing lyrics! Em n Em look out.

  32. Hey G –Nice rappin’ — what a talent! If the intern gig doesn’t work for you, perhaps you could spin some discs or become a rap star! I wish you great success with Cisco! Welcome aboard!

  33. Bravo bravo excellent … Next song pimp my router”””^0^1^^^0^0
    39418^9379^Aaron^^^^2010-09-09 16:16:04^2010-09-09 16:16:04^Very cool Omar. Congrats on the award, and we can’t wait to see what you have in store for the upcoming year.^0^1^^^0^0
    39163^9356^bin organizer^^^^2010-09-07 03:36:34^2010-09-07 03:36:34^I keep wondering whether Germany or France will emerge as the leading power in Europe within the next decade or so. Great video!^0^1^^^0^0
    37318^9301^Alec Waters^^^^2010-08-16 19:54:22^2010-08-16 19:54:22^”Hi Mike,I’ve used a modified version of net-entropy as a generic encrypted traffic generator””, and plumbed it into CS-MARS and sguil. There are some writeups here:

  34. Wow, we need to find you more work Intern friend 🙂

  35. Nice job on the rap video, love those expressive eye brows!

  36. Delightful 🙂

  37. Hilarious Greg. You should come and join the Sales organizaiton. We need more personalities like you closing some big deals for Cisco.

  38. That was hilarious! Happy 4th of July!

  39. Welcome! Love the video and creativity! Way to jump in at Cisco and get us motivated to use more creativity as well. Watch out, I see some response videos coming soon!

  40. Greg,One of the most creative and funny things done by a Cisco employee in a long time. It shows that Cisco does have some fun teams. Great Work!

  41. Just wanted to wish you best of luck in your new career here at Cisco…. this is brilliant! Great start Greg!

  42. 12 points from Germany!!!:-)))

  43. it’s a great man, anywaz thanks for shearing this wonderful one, keep it up really..This was great…I thoroughly enjoyed it…to funny!!! Next time you need to wear the gear and you’ll be set.

  44. Can I take you on a date?

  45. This is awesome, hilarious, creative, and all that! I need to start a I [heart] Cisco Interns”” fan club. I can just see the t-shirts now! ;-)”

  46. what is your opinion about russia’s president?

  47. Stay thirsty, my friend. Welcome to Cisco.

  48. What a talent!

  49. If you get bored just let me know and we will let you lose on London 2012 comms – we could do with some of your particular skills!

  50. Great start – when you run short of material, please let me know as we could do with some of your input to the London 2012 team!

  51. Nice work, Dawg! Good way to start off the 4th of July weekend!

  52. Fantastic!! Nice job!!

  53. I think the interns over at TANDBERG, now a part of Cisco, might be able to top that one 🙂

  54. Totally hysterical, love it! Been at Cisco 12 years and love the way you put together the Technologies while rapping…funny!

  55. Thanks for the challenge Greg and Andrew! And a special thanks to the best videographer, Elizabeth Houston!

  56. Watch out Weird Al! Here comes Justice!

  57. Great job Greg! This reminds me of the Digital Shorts on Saturday Night Live. Welcome to Cisco!

  58. I did not know that Mo Rocca was working at Cisco.

  59. This was great!! LMAO! Ergonomic desk chair! Sweet! LOL!

  60. Love it! Hope to work with you some day!!

  61. Cooler than a polar bear’s lollipop. Great stuff.

  62. That is a great work here! Keep on the good work. Who’s the next President that you’ll meet now? How about some lyrics in plain English about Cisco email account configuration, procedures, Checkpoint reports, extranet and encrypted words like: CSS, WAAS, ACNS, WAN? New comers at Cisco with no technical background would appreciate it. Keep rapping!

  63. Great video!!!

  64. Okay Greg – Second time here. Showed my 6yr old, 13yr old and 14yr old and NOW they think I work at a cool place called Cisco because of you. Jack Bauer and 24 couldn’t do it for several seasons, but you did in less than 2mins! Thanks Greg! My stock at home just increased.

  65. Awesome video, what do you actually do for Cisco?

  66. Simply awesome video

  67. Legen…(wait for it)…dary! Cool! Keep making more…

  68. greg – impressive job. i’m sending this off to the president’s press team now and will let you know feedback… 🙂

  69. Completely cracked up at the ergonomic desk chair and its benefits!! Excellent work!

  70. That was really cool man!!

  71. Fantastic Mr. Justice! Well done! Very spot on for the new kid on the block! Just one question… how do I get an ergonomic desk chair? LOL! 🙂

  72. That was too funny!!! Great job.

  73. You are EXACTLY what I was hoping for. WELCOME to Cisco! You are not simply enjoying the ride”” – you are driving the car, piloting the plane, steering the ship, commanding the spacecraft. Loved the energy, frivolity and ability to make others smile! Keep up the good work in ensuring the rest of us do not take ourselves too seriously.”

  74. This was great…I thoroughly enjoyed it…to funny!!! Next time you need to wear the gear and you’ll be set. Welcome to Cisco 🙂

  75. I love the back massage. I need an ergonomic desk chair! Keep keepin’ it real”” Greg!”

  76. Love it! Aside from building a rap crew, you need your back-up dancers – ‘Breaker’s’ from America’s Best Dance Crew!

  77. This is great – I hope all of our interns have this much enthusiasm!!

  78. You have my vote for sure as the best intern and the most creative and clever:) This really is hysterical!

  79. Dude,that was too sweet. Gave me a chuckle. Can’t wait for the next track, more please!

  80. Really good Rap. Watched it twice 🙂

  81. This is actually very good PR and great use of social media lol. ps. That was even musical.

  82. Young G””zee, LOL. You brought laughter, encouragement and hope during a tough week. Wish you the best this summer!”

  83. Wonderful!!!

  84. Many thanks to my colleague Dana Bowler who sent me this link. I love it! Totally made my day! Great job! I loved it so much I Yammed it out on Cisco Yammer. 🙂

  85. Word.

  86. HAND CLAPS AND HIGH 5’s!!! That was amazing and SO true!!! Cisco is the place to be…as we can see from your creative lyrics 🙂 Have fun during your internship!!!

  87. LOL! Definitely coolest intern I’ve ever seen.

  88. way too cool, man…loved it !!

  89. Hey, anyone else thinking Greg should be the new face on the FLIP”” commercials?….I’m just sayin’!!!”

  90. You win my vote as the coolest Dawg intern in da house!

  91. Well played, my friend….but…ah…please don’t date any of my daughters….:)

  92. Best intern … No Doubt!!!Love It!

  93. Greg – (this is a joke) seriously, do they have enough for you to do there in the Communications dept? Come on over to Sales where the real fun is at. (:)) My fav parts: the whiteboard note and the eyebrow at the end. Welcome to Cisco.

  94. THIS is the Cisco I know and love! Kid – you’re gonna go places! 😉

  95. Why does he keep looking around and getting out of his chair to zoom his own face into the camera? Dork.

  96. FABULOUS! As a recruiter of 15yrs – I see a bright future ahead for you!Well Done! (and thanks for the giggle)

  97. Very Very entertaining! Can’t wait to send it to my 2 children in college. I think this needs to be a commercial/advertisement

  98. Way cool, great job!

  99. Sweeeeet! Great lyrics. Looking forward to the challenge videos. Any plans for a collaborap via TelePresence?

  100. MOST Excellent! That was fantastic – so glad to have you on the Cisco team Greg!

  101. Cool Video…

  102. Didnt know Screech from Saved By The Bell was an intern at Cisco

  103. Hilarious!!! Do it again!And I can’t believe you saw the president of RUSSIA. 🙂

  104. Well done, Greg! I was skeptical when I saw the title, but now, I’m a believer.

  105. That was HYSTERICAL!!! Thank you so much for entertaining us, and welcome to the team! 🙂 First rule of business, you have set high expectations, we will now expect a new weekly video monthly, and weekly if you want to hit stretch goal! heheBest wishes, Michelle 🙂

  106. Awesome work Greg – I am assuming you’re not old enough to drink Dos XX which is the only reason you’re not the most interesting MAN in the world! Keep up the great work (i.e. keeping us from being too corporated out!)Angela

  107. Way Cool! Cant wait to see the next video!

  108. Love, love, love this! Now I want to get involved in college recruiting! Looks fun.

  109. Nice! Welcome to Cisco from RTP!

  110. Love it! Great job – welcome to the Cisco family! You fit right in, can’t wait to hear the next one!

  111. Greg, superb … World’s Most Interesting Intern is at Worlds best working place (Cisco).Hope to see from you more !!

  112. Nice Groove on the video! Way to bring a fresh perspective and fun at the same time. Usher in the new, and don’t forget the old, Cisco then, Cisco now confident and bold!aaaahhhhh! How you like me now?

  113. hahahaa… really nice!! Welcome to Cisco’s family 🙂

  114. Good job, this is a great creation for your blog. keep update.

  115. awesome! keep it coming 🙂

  116. Hey Greg, This is Van Dang, VP in legal. Have you read our social media policy on blogging and rapping? Did you get permission? Please do so immediately and make an appointment to see me ASAP We need to talk. Ha ha. Just kidding. Love the video. Very funny and creative. I have a challenge for you. Take a look at our policy and see if you can make it funny to read but keep all the legalese.

  117. Wheeet! I’ll never look at my fellow interns the same way again. Hilarious!

  118. My 18 months old daughter like it very much, haha!!:)

  119. You are the world’s most interesting internship?

  120. Seriously – this is the best intern video on the net – so happy this guy works for Cisco!

  121. haha, this is classic…working for cisco must be cool.If this is what you do at cisco systems,,bro,,hire me lol

  122. Give this guy a job, please!!!!

  123. Interesting, it is very cool!

  124. My my – a viral intern. Who’da thunk it?Great energy – I’m gonna have to gather wit my homies and bring it on back at ya.

  125. Love it. Way to leverage Social Media and have fun… you are the human network. 🙂

  126. Dude! That was EXCELLENT! Welcome to Cisco! Keep it going strong! Peace!

  127. Most creative vid I ever saw in Cisco 🙂 I enjoyed it.

  128. Fantastic video! Great to have you on the team

  129. I remember when Rap was considered BAD meaning Bad, not BAD meaning GOOD”” Great to see it come full circle like this!Kim ‘BIG GRIN’ Frazier”

  130. Excellent! I nominate for Cisco video of the year.

  131. hahaha, welcome to the team my friend. Do you realize that you’re getting college credits for rapping about half full thermos’….Well played. Keep up the good work.

  132. Greg, glad to see we treat our interns well! 10 years with Cisco and I am still waiting for my all day massage with an ergonomic desk chair. 😉

  133. Hey,not bad! Very creative. Keep up the good work!!

  134. OMG – so very creative and kuddos to you for making such a fun piece of ‘work’. Hope you do a follow to this based on whatever you’re doing @ Cisco Live!! Welcome to Cisco!

  135. You’re possibly the best thing that ever happened to the Cisco communications department.Cisco note: key word is possibly””. : )”

  136. Great! Welcome to Cisco! =D

  137. Very cool rap video I loved it that takes a lot of guts to do a video like that it was very good. Keep practicing you never known you could become the next Eminem.

  138. Welcome to Cisco – you fit right in!

  139. wow,So cool!Great Job!

  140. Great video, welcome to Cisco Greg!We take our corporate symmetry and ergonomic desk chairs very seriously, but it’s good that you don’t.You seem like a thermous is half full kind of guy, I like your style, keep up the good work…

  141. Amazing Rap! Looking forward to hear next one soon.

  142. This intern is BRILLIANT! =)

  143. That was great! Hope you enjoy your summer here at Cisco…Sandra

  144. Welcome to Cisco Greg, we take our corporate symmetry and ergonomic desk chairs very seriously, but it’s good that you don’t. You seem like a thermous is half full kind of guy, keep up the good work…

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  146. Excellent site by the way. I didnt know what keyword luv was until i came across your site via yahoo so i will definately apply it to my own blog.

  147. Classic!!! So Cool.. I’m still laughing!

  148. Good job to the intern. Interns are great semi-employees.

  149. Cool man — You are awesome,Greg! Keep up the good work; am proud of you!

  150. I have to say that your rap was pretty clever. Are you the world’s most interesting intern? That’s a tough title to win and retain, but you may just have it.

  151. Epic!!

  152. Ha-Ha :DBy the way, the formula in the back is pretty familiar…

  153. Welcome to Cisco. really enjoyed that.

  154. Really funny movie

  155. Hi Greg,Nice video. Welcome to Cisco. Looking forward some more rap songs.. keep it up.Thanks,Anand

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  157. Greg,You are the white man’s answer to humpty…and there is no higher compliment that can be paid.

  158. FINALLY John Earnhardt has met his match in creative (raw) talent. And Marty (Palka). You win the most handsome contest hands down! Though Greg does have really nice hair.Welcome Greg! Can’t wait to hear your next release!

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  160. You are hilarious and for a brief moment I thought that you had a chance of getting signed!Lol for real check yourself out at and leave a comment if you want!

  161. Great job Greg, Andrew, and even old school Mix Master Mitch. You definitely have the Cisco spirit! However, have you met a fabulous new member of the Cisco Event Marketing team? Katie Gibbs (also known on Twitter as @kmgibbs) has a message and an offer for you. Check it out:

  162. Your a legend out here.

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  165. very cool… so, when can we expect Cisco account reps to apply this technique to customer visits?

  166. Cisco is doing well. I’m actually reading this blog now for entertainment. Hard for other companies to get that kind of PR. Glad to see interns doing so well. Great company to work for too. People talk about the iPhone, but Cisco is the company sending all that traffic around. What is good for Apple is good for Cisco.”

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  184. My internship at another company was essentially fetching coffee and running errands. Sounds like you’ve got a good gig going there at Cisco.

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  186. Hi Greg,Nice try for a newbie, however, when it comes to rapping Cisco stuff, well, I’m sorry to say, you’ve got some tough competition to beat!How so?Why I’m talking about none other than rap virtuoso and Cisco rap video star, Mix Master Mitch.The originial Cisco rap video that created such a sensation on the Internet:Mix Master Mitch’s Cisco NetFlow Rap, Mix Master Mitch’s Cisco Catalyst 6509 NetFlow Rap finally, Mix Master Mitch’s Cisco NetFlow Tool Scrutinizer Rap more Greg, not bad for a newbie, but you’re going to need to step-up your game in order to take on your Cisco rap competition!Sincerely,Brad Reese

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  190. Oh yes! It is time to form a rap crew. Meet the newest member of the Cisco Channels crew to challenge you.”

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