How Much Longer…For Cisco AnyConnect Client for the iPhone?

August 26, 2010 - 11 Comments

Whenever our family gets in the car for a trip longer than a short jaunt around town, it doesn’t take long to hear the infamous question from one of our two kids,  “How much longer?’

Some readers of my previous post may be asking that of us as well, with regards to the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client for the iPhone (iOS 4).  I blogged about the AnyConnect client and support for Apple iOS 4 when Apple initially announced iOS 4 in April .  The number of iPhones in use has since continued to grow with the “IT Consumerization” effect becoming more evident. To support this, the Cisco AnyConnect  client will provide a secure, seamless connection for the iPhone, much like the over 150 million Cisco VPN clients have done up until now.  The team has been hard at work at Cisco and collaborating with Apple to deliver AnyConnect for the iPhone.  While the client isn’t released just yet, it’s coming soon and we will let you know as soon as it is released.  Despite repeated “how much longer” inquiries, my kids usually agree that once we arrive at our destination on those trips in the car, the time it took to get there was worth it.  I think you will say the same about the experience the Cisco AnyConnect for the iPhone enables.

For more information visit the Cisco AnyConnect & SSL VPN page.

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  1. Subject is very beautiful and worth reading and I liked very

  2. Will that also be available for the Droid, as I am not a fan of anything Apple do to its restrictions.

  3. For my company Unicora I use my iPhone all the time and looking forward to the working release of the Cisco AnyConnect app.”

  4. The thing is, we are not your kids””, we are your customers. Cisco is not doing us a favor here. We have executive that already ask why we pay the Cisco tax to begin with. It makes it hard to justify the continued use of your products in cutting edge companies, when you fail to bring to market features that other, supposedly lesser competitors already have in market. We are sitting on IPads and Iphones that are useless, again waiting for Cisco live up to their promises. Or they were useless until Juniper was kind enough to lend us a device that can do SSL VPN on these devices. Funny thing is, this is the same way we got Cisco switches out of our environment. Where Cisco said no, Foundry said of course.Comparing us to your children is not cute, its insulting.”

  5. I know that I will agree that it’s wonderful once it has arrived – but some broad notion of when ‘soon’ is would be very helpful for my project planning. Is it in the next month or two? Is it in this calendar year? Thanks.

  6. I`m also waiting for iPad verison.

  7. I think many people are exciting about the upcoming AnyConnect as i am. But you are right .. good things take there time and real joy is always in the forecast.

  8. How Much Longer also for a Cisco Webex Connect Mac and iOS4 app?…

  9. Yes! This will be great, AnyConnect will help me get my work done on the road (especially being self-employed this matters to me). My only criticism is the iPhone 4! I know many people have been having reception issues, and unfortunately I am one of them. This will no doubt affect the performance of AnyConnect, I just hope Apple bring out some hardware upgrade to sort it out.But definitely looking foward to AnyConnect!