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High Speed Broadband, Please

December 9, 2008 - 3 Comments

My nearly two-year old LOVES YouTube. We have a playlist with trains and backhoes and fire engines and more. This morning we were searching for trains and I came across this video of passengers loading a train in Japan. It made me think about broadband.Why you ask? Well, the way I look at it, we’re shoving more and more bits onto the broadband pipes…just look at the video data that is loading up networks. At some point, we’re bound to get to the point where we resort to shoving and pushing to get onto/into those broadband pipes…just like these passengers in Japan are doing. Then, a colleague sent me this article on Bloomberg today that said that the Obama administration may indeed be looking at investing in broadband infrastructure as well as roads and bridges and the like. At Cisco, we’ve been pushing for a national broadband policy for a long time. Maybe now we have the will?

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  1. I cannot agree with you more. We must have the will to invest and explore our braodband policy. Countries all over the world are now investing a lot of money in broadband. Every other kid love you tube and video download. It is fast catching the imagination. Obama administration is moving in the right direction. There are right kind of noises coming out.

  2. scott:couldn’t agree more. have you seen telepresence? i did a media training session with munich the other day and you really do feel like you’re in the same room…MUCH better meeting than phone…

  3. John,Same with my two year old. Trains, cars, tractors….if it has wheels it’s golden. Particularly a small steam engine named Thomas!Just imagine all that video IN HIGH DEF, then let’s talk Broadband infrastructure.Fibre to the curb?Scott