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Help for Haiti

January 27, 2010 - 43 Comments

Our hearts go out to those affected by the devastating earthquake in Haiti. In the earthquake’s aftermath the world has seen the terrible images and heard tragic stories and it’s in times like these that individuals, employees and companies ask, “What can I do to help?”

Our immediate response included a donation from the Cisco Foundation of US$250,000 to the American Red Cross and the matching of employee donations up to US$1 million. Our internal campaign was quickly extended to other NGO partners including CARE, Doctors Without Borders USA, and NetHope, Inc., plus the Australian Red Cross, British Red Cross, Canadian Red Cross, and Hong Kong Red Cross to provide local giving choices in areas where we have high concentrations of interested non-US employees.

At the time of this post, these donations have exceeded US$2.13 million with Cisco employees around the world contributing US$901,344 (and climbing!).  If you are in the USA and would like to support American Red Cross, we suggest visiting their website.

Cisco has also made a corporate contribution of US$100,000 to our NGO partner NetHope and their “Haiti Emergency Response and Recovery” program.  NetHope is working to restore communications for 21 of its member humanitarian organizations working in Port-au-Prince.  Their aim is to provide the communication tools needed to speed delivery of food, water, shelter, health care and family reunification services.  You can learn more about NetHope and make a donation through their website.

We recognize our contribution is just one small part of a global effort, but Cisco has also provided equipment, personnel and expertise to support our customers, partners and relief organizations in Haiti.  From emergency communications gear to WebEx collaboration tools, we know technology can play an important enabling role in disaster resonse.

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  1. It's so sad what happened over there. What's worse is they are a poor nation to begin with. I donated to haiti via text. I know it's not much, but it's something, if you can spare it, please donate and help the cause.

  2. What a great humanitarian initiative started by CISCO, I hope more global corporationscontribute in aid and cash to help assist Haiti with this unfortunate tragic event. Weare one as a people.

  3. This was a terrible tragedy and my feelings go out to all those that lost there lives and the families they left behind.It is great to see a multinational company like Cisco making such an effort to assist the people of Haiti in their time of desperation.Well done Cisco, you resore my faith in large companies!

  4. That's really amazing that Cisco has been able to donate so much. I feel quite shameful about how small my donation was...

  5. Its great to see that big companies like Cisco are donating a lot of money and resources to Haiti. Great job Cisco!

  6. I think its our resposbility to help haiti..our contribution is very important. I have donated to this cause and will continue to donate.

  7. Up to now, they are still in need of our help. Different countries continue to help Haiti people. Hope they could recover soon. I'm bit worried with the kids who look so malnourished because of their situation there.

  8. That's awsome to see you guys made such a huge contribution. We have added a banner on our site to raise awareness for Haiti also and have personally donated several hundred to do what we could.

  9. It's really sad what happened to Haiti, I wish I could be more help. Thanks for your contributions.

  10. truly noble gesture. I hope that the initiative we have much success

  11. It was sad day for Haiti when the earth quake hit the city and many people killed. Everyone must help the people, it can happen at any place in the world.

  12. My heart goes out to all those the lost family in the disaster. My boys were so moved by the faces on the children that they put a concert event together at a local park. They did this on their own and raised money for the cause. What's amazing to me is that they are only 7, and 10 years old. you can watch the video at and click the link Help for Haiti"". You comments will encourage them to continue helping others."

  13. The earthquake in Haiti is a real tragedy and I feel for the thousands who have suffered losses. It is sad to say that it is times like these that the world comes together dispite their diffrences.

  14. Props for doing this. I see so many companies raising money for sports-related organizations, yet I think it's important to focus on the world's key issues.

  15. Lets hope that the money actually gets through to the people that need it. I heard that it will take a minimum of 10 years to recover.

  16. It's easy to find charity organization. Just look at UN site and see partners who have program there. Send your charity using any method provided and it will help the people there in Haiti.

  17. Haiti is an amazing example of how the world can come together and help each other. It is a shame it takes such an event for that to happen!If only the world could share the wealth in good times as well!! As ‘Rich’ Countries we could do so much more for the third world, but we won’t!! Why Not?

  18. it is really amazing that Cisco has been able to donate so much. I feel quite shameful about how small my donationn was…

  19. I think it is really important for big companies to help out in times of need.Especially if they make money in countries affected by natural disasters like in Haiti.

  20. well done for what you guys did in HaitiBless your heart folks

  21. Haiti needs all the help they can get...Lets join forces and do what ever we can to help Haiti during this devastating time...

  22. I think Ciscos contribution was a very appropriate measure and one that may have not been immediately considered without this donation. Very noble cause and I think that the employees are heros in this situation. They raised a lot of money...even during these tough economic times.

  23. It is said that a fair distribution of benefits is not my right

  24. I am so glad to see that a big company like Cisco helping out! Thanks for contributing $100,000 to NetHope, they are awesome. More companies need to take note on how Cisco has responded in this emergency, and follow suit, thank you again!

  25. Hi Robin. Please give us an update on how the the nethope initiative is going. Does Cisco donate employee time to nethope as well? Keep up the good work.

  26. Good job! I think any responsible company should help Haiti, Although US$250,000 is not much, it shows love.

  27. Haiti is a great example of how the world can come together and help each other. We should help the Haiti victims in every way we can.I myself have donated a large sum to this cause and will continue to donate. If not already done so, you should donate as little as it may be.

  28. This is totally amazing how people come together to help those in need. This earthquake was awful and there are so many that have lost loved ones. I say a prayer every day for all to have the strength to endure the days, weeks and months ahead. They are a strong people and I have a lot of respect for the Haitian community.

  29. Right now it’s the immediate remedies that are “important”: food, water, medical help, and shelter. Недвижимость Турции"

  30. I agree about the relief Haiti needs, I am glad that we as a country are stepping up to the plate to an island in need. I have many great Haitian friends. They are great people and I have donated for this great cause. Love your blog!

  31. There was talk in our town of doing a run for Haiti to collect donations.

  32. Thank you all for your comments and commitment to supporting the people of Haiti. Just wanted to share an update on Cisco's response: employee donations to the Haiti relief efforts so far total US$958,263, and the estimated Cisco Foundation matching amount is US$940,985, which, along with the initial US$250,000 Cisco Foundation donation the American Red Cross and the US$100,000 Cisco corporate contribution to NetHope, totals more than $2.24 million.

  33. I get goosebumps when I recognize the enormous effort made to assist and support when something goes terribly wrong. Thank you, Cisco people for acting immediately to contribute and soothe and help to establish order. Magic happens when we all stop, notice, gather our resources and then focus love, caring and the necessary attention in one direction all at the same time. Beautiful!

  34. Yes this is very unbeleivable tragedy that many people have died in it.Everyone must help people in haiti, congratulations for this blog.

  35. Thanks to Cisco Foundation for helping Haiti earthquake victims. We hope that you continue your generosity.

  36. My heart is heavy for these poor souls. Thanks for what you have done.

  37. I'm truly blown away by how the world has come together to help those in need. We get bombarded by so much negative news all the time and it's great to see that out of a disaster as great as this, some positives can come.

  38. We must help people in haiti, since earthquake makes them destroy, I hope they can recover from it soon

  39. It is really important that we do all we can to help. Robyn I’m sure all the charities you mentioned are great, but I would like to give any UK taxpayers reading this about this a heads up that through the Gift Aid scheme they can get an extra 28% on their donation to Oxfam’s Haiti earthquake. Thanks.

  40. I think it is incredible how much people actually manage to collect in a short time. Much thanks to media I suppose.

  41. In my country, even the kids can help. Lego has promised to donate 10 kr (that's about two dollars) for every drawing someone gives to the nearest school or library. Right now, my whole class is making drawings, and I've already turned mine in. If my whole school makes one drawing each, it will make about 400$ for Haiti!

  42. The Haiti effort must continue, sadly many people will forget once the news stories change their focus onto something else. But this will be a long process. Right now it's the immediate remedies that are important"": food, water, medical help, and shelter. The long term remedy will require much effort and hopefully people will continue to help."

  43. It is really important that we do all we can to help. Robyn I'm sure all the charities you mentioned are great, but I would like to give any UK taxpayers reading this about this a heads up that through the Gift Aid scheme they can get an extra 28% on their donation to Oxfam's Haiti earthquake. Thanks."