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Happy Fiscal New Year, Cisco and Happy Birthday, Jerry

August 1, 2007 - 0 Comments

Cisco’s FY08 began on Monday, so, for us, 2007 is already behind us. As I LOVE end of year lists, it seems like a great and appropriate time to review FY07 Cisco blogs on Jerry Garcia’s birthday…not from a “what a long strange trip it’s been” point of view, but from a typical Cisco “If I get home before daylight, I just might get some sleep tonight.”Jerry.jpgIMHO, the top Cisco blog entries from FY07 (and, yes, some of them are mine, but, hey, I’m making the list):August 2006 – “Crossing Health Care Language BarriersSeptember 2006 – “Remembering Important Things In Life.”October 2006 – “Time to Review Merger Reviews” and “How Can You Tell If a Lawyer is Lying.”November 2006 – “Giancarlo Points to TelePresence” and “Cisco Field: What’s In It For Cisco?”December 2006 – “Canadian Telecom Deregulation Spurs Quad-Play” and “Size Matters With Broadband” and “Cisco Joins Second Life.”January 2007 – “Cisco General Counsel on State of Technology In the Law” and “Awards Season Results Are In: Cisco Best Company to Work For” and “UPDATE on Cisco’s iPhone Trademark.”February 2007 – “SuperBowl of Wireless: WiMAX vs. Wi-Fi Why Not Both?”March 2007 – “Financial Times: ‘Cisco has Best Website for Customers and Media’” and “Cisco Chief Development Officer Giancarlo on WebEx Acquisition” and “PC World’s 50 Most Important People on the Web.”April 2007 – “John Chambers Essay in Forbes: ‘Guts and Glory’” and “Patent Board: Cisco is #1 Global Innovator in Telecom” and “Cisco: Fortune “Most Admired Company” for 8 Straight Years.”May 2007 – “Unified Communications: Open and Interoperable to Increase Customer Benefits” and “The Internet is not a medium, it is a language” and “50% Have Little Use for the Internet & Cell Phones” and “Security Externalities -Meet Security Defenses and Incentives” and “What’s Your Mobility IQ?”June 2007 – “Mobiliizing the Human Network, Part I” and “How Fast IS Your Broadband?” and “FTC Gets It Right on Net Neutrality” and “FCC’s Martin Steps Up to Bigger Effort on Consumer Ed for DTV” and “Telco 2.0 and the Connected Life” and “Cisco CEO Challenge: ‘Use Collaborative Technologies to Cut Back Travel.'”July 2007 – “Kevin Martin is Right about DTV Spectrum Auction: Put Consumer Interests First” and “John Chambers’ Private Press Conference at Networkers at Cisco Live!” and “Cisco ‘Connected Life’ Contest: Who Wants to Be A $10,000aire?” and “Cisco’s ‘Take Your Children to Work Day’” and “Cisco Unveils Plans to Transform the Data Center.”And, one of my personal favorites, “John Wayne Style Broadband.” AND, if you haven’t yet seen our video with KISS, the band, discussing technology, you have to check it out here.As you can see, as the year went by, we were doing more blogging at Cisco. Some good entries, some bad entries, some active blogs, some not so active, but with blogging it takes all kinds. So, thank you for continuing to read and we look forward to another great year in the blogosphere.

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