Grey’s Anatomy, 24, The Office and Cisco’s Human Network

October 18, 2007 - 0 Comments

Post by Marilyn Mersereau, Vice President, Corporate MarketingHave you seen our new Human Network video? Did you watch football last weekend? The next phase of the Cisco Human Network campaign kicked off on October 14th with a TV commercial during an NFL game. The commercial further reveals Cisco’s role in the Human Network as well for the workspace. It uses Cisco Unified Communications in the workplace to empower people with better collaboration, productivity, and innovation. The video is meant to entice viewers to visit our new Human Network microsite. TV viewers who have seen video”front stories” now have the choice to learn more about the backstories. The front stories showcase innovative Cisco solutions through an engaging story that solve customer’s business needs. The back stories give the viewer a chance to dig deeper and learn more about the product and the technology, thus establishing our relevance with the Human Network.This is big for Cisco for a few reasons:1. We are trying to engage with our customers and viewers in a way we haven’t before – by using web 2.0 technologies on our Human Network Microsite. Certainly a peek at things to come for Cisco.com2. This campaign is now able to show the connection -beyond the human element -to the business elements. We can show how Cisco can make the difference in collaboration and communication on the Human Network.We are still looking at other ways to spotlight our solutions. So take a closer look at Grey’s Anatomy and CSI the next time you’re in watching the tube. In addition to catching the doctors in their hospital scrubs and the yellow crime scene tape, you may just notice some strategically placed Cisco products in the shows.In addition to high-profile product placement in popular programs such as 24, K-Ville, and The Office, the campaign will use a variety of media to create a 360 degree experience of both online marketing activities and storytelling, with an emphasis on digital and video delivery. Keep checking back – November will bring new videos, new content on our microsite and a treasure hunt you can participate in.

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