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Graduates, my advice for you is this…

June 25, 2008 - 1 Comment

The daughter of a colleague graduated from high school yesterday. Big day. First day of the rest of your life, etc. It made me think of my high school graduation and how drastically EVERYTHING has changed since I walked across the stage of North Stanly High School in New London, NC….I can’t remember the year. Let’s just say that it was sometime last millennium. Here are some differences off the top of my head:Now: Internet access everywhere…to the tune of 1.4 BILLION people worldwide according to an IDC report released today.Then: An inter-net was the lining of men’s swim trunks. Now: Green is everywhere.Then: Green meant lettuce or beans…or Kermit. Now: Cisco has nearly $40B in annual revenue.Then: Cisco just started existence. Now: Facebook.Then: A pen pal. Now: Apple MacBook Pro.Then: Commodore 64. Now: Grand Theft Auto.Then: Pong.I think things have changed for the better. And, if you think that the past 20 years have brought change, my best guess is that the next 20 will be unbelievable. Maybe not George Jetson-like change, but continued advancement in everything technological, social and innovative. Heck, a presidential candidate just suggested that a $300 million prize be awarded to whomever invents a sustainable long-range car battery so that we can wean ourselves off of oil. As you will recall, at some point in the future you can get the flux capacitor to run on garbage. So, who knows what the future holds. Congratulations to all new grads and we all look forward to what you bring to the future of innovation.

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  1. Hi John,I am currently finishing up my last few weeks of college, and I cant tell you how excited I am to begin my career. I will be receiving my degree in business management from San Jose State University. I am hard working, full of energy but have had a hard time finding a job. I have sent in my resume to Cisco, but have not gotten back any responses… what can I do?