Government Agencies to Expand Teleworking Opportunities

May 27, 2010 - 4 Comments

Earlier this week the Senate passed the Telework Enhancement Act that will require agencies to expand teleworking opportunities to employees and incorporate such programs into the continuity of operations plans. It’s exciting to see that our public policy is catching up to our 21st century technology. This creates a huge opportunity for Cisco. We’ve been teleworking for many years and have best practices and advanced technology to help propel the dynamic government market to aligning with efficiencies of today’s work style.

Like all of us, government employees are pulled into several different directions. By creating a flexible work environment with mobile technologies they will be enabled to work more effectively in today’s on-the-go environment. This bill makes it easier for federal workers to work remotely anywhere – at home, at the airport, at a hotel, on vacation, just about anywhere.

Think back to the recent impact of the snow storms this winter on our government; it shut down completely. Government cannot allow for its operations to stop because their employees cannot work from home. Bruce Klein, senior vice president Public Sector, taped a video in December during these storms that highlighted how valuable technology has become as a strategic enabler to keep government employees connected regardless of their location or device, and at the same time save government (and tax payers) millions of dollars.  Think about how effective we were during these snowstorms because we had the ability to communicate, collaborate and engage.  This is the true meaning of Virtual…anytime, anywhere.

Public policy can drive change, encourage efficiencies and create opportunities for good business.  Together with technology, we will bring a much more productive and stronger government as well as a better way of life for government workers.

– Patrick Finn, vice president, Cisco Federal Sales


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  1. Nice to see some original content for once. I’ll subscribe to your rss feed to get future updates.political

  2. Hopefully these types of changes can reduce the amount of money raised by political candidates for campaigns. That money comes from CEOs and puts the power and policy control in their hands. Cisco is leading the way for sure!

  3. As a software developer I highly value Teleworking because personally I feel more productive, not having to commute to work and waste 10-20% of my time on that.But I will have to disagree a little on the benefits of Teleworking for everyone.Most people work in an environment that does not have deliverable, and if they were to Telework the only thing that can happen is significant reduction in productivity.So unless there is a significant change in culture and shifting all jobs to have deliverables and timelines, I doubt Teleworking for everyone will be a good recipe to have.

  4. I can’t see this as being anything but a win-win for everyone. I hope this initiative filters down to the state/local government level – it could put some much needed dollars back into their respective coffers.