Global Internet Expansion: Who Will Lead the Way? [INFOGRAPHIC]

According to recent Cisco research, global Internet traffic will grow nearly four-fold from 2010 – 2015.  However, that increase in traffic won’t be dominated by one region. How much will each region contribute to the worldwide traffic expansion?

Just by sheer population size alone, one could assume that the Asia-Pacific region would lead in Internet traffic growth. However, that assumption would only be partially accurate. Asia-Pacific is forecast to lead in file-sharing traffic and Internet Gaming traffic. In terms of Internet TV, business IP traffic and VoIP bandwidth, other regions will be in the top spot.

The infographic below provides an interesting visual projection of what Internet usage will look like in 2015. Are you ready for the global transitions that will place new demands on networks and the Internet?

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  1. Fantastically informative cheers, It is my opinion your current visitors may want further reviews along these lines keep up the great work.

  2. This is really interesting, I’ve added this post to my favourites and will check this out in a few years to see if its correct, I’m surprised that Brazil and South America isn’t going to be taking a bigger share of the market as time moves on.

  3. I was well aware of the preference in Europe for VOIP, but thank you for this info about other internet related trends- great stuff for anyone trying to keep up!

  4. Genuinely educative many thanks, I reckon your current followers could perhaps want a good deal more information along these lines continue the good work.

  5. This really was some interesting reading.. People in the US must be very much into gaming, compared to the number of people living there.

  6. Thank you Thomas for a great article

  7. Nice infographics and good information! As usual we are gonna lead the internet traffic, seems like forever too lol. Nice blog, Cheers!

  8. Very interesting information. From that report, seem internet trafic growth at Asia Pacific will be good for next years.

  9. Awesome illustrations. Very well-organized and aesthetically pleasing. Do you think the current talks by the Obama administration regarding the possibility of upcoming U.S. regulations on the Internet will affect these results or have they already been calculated?

  10. Thomas-Great information that provided some really good food for thought.

  11. Cisco is set up well in the evolving high tech world.

  12. Is this all based on IPv4? Growth in North America and Europe will come to a standstill if not migrating to IPv6 on a short term (= before 2015).

    • Hello Rene — yes, we do include conservative levels of global IPv6 migration as part of our 2010 – 2015 forecast.

  13. Looks interesting, wonder if the search engine will continue to dominate the space, and will the growth in the asia pacific means Baidu gets a bigger hold on this area of the search market.

  14. Latin America represent. Interesting to note that VOIP is not growing as much as regular data in this region. Cell phone airtime is so cheap here that it makes no sense to try and save money by calling over a computer. Not to mention how few computers there are.

  15. wow, amazing post. what application did you use to make such post? I am curious 🙂

  16. You know most people consider Japan part of Asia, right?

    • Thanks for your comment Ian. Yes, geographically, Japan is generally included in the Asia-Pacific region. However, due to the size and maturity of the Japanese telecom market (and particularly in the mobile space) we have chosen to forecast Japan as a separate region.

  17. OK wow that makes a lot of sense.

  18. Very nicely done! Enjoyed the graphics. Much easier to understand and that growth chart is so sticky, it’ll be in my head for a long time to come!

  19. I love it when great infographics bare the data; nice!

  20. Interesting data snippets. Is there a deeper analysis somewhere of the vast geographic differences in growth for the different traffic types? I can guess at reasons for some of the differences but not all.

  21. Interesting statistics with nice graphics. Wonder what puts Europe before USA for VOIP

  22. Thank you Thomas for a great article, described so well with the images. Really easy to understand.