Get Ready For Super-Tuesday with and Cisco WebEx

March 5, 2012 - 0 Comments

With all its surges and surprises, the battle for the 2012 GOP Presidential nomination has become one of the hottest political stories in many years. Up next: One of the biggest days of this election cycle, March 6, or “Super Tuesday,” when more than 300 delegates from 10 states will be up for grabs.

On March 6 will be hosting the first in a series of live Election Roundtables using Cisco WebEx technology. This insider chat with Wolf Blitzer and a panel of political experts gives users a chance to go behind the scenes and get the insider take on this year’s presidential election.

March 6 Super Tuesday Web-only panel uses WebEx to showcase top CNN political analysts in a real-time “virtual” roundtable.

The panel, including Gloria Borger, Jessica Yellin, Donna Brazile and Ari Fleischer, will discuss who’s up, who’s down, and how to interpret the actual returns once they start trickling in later that evening. Addressing election-centric questions culled from active community participants, like CNN iReporters, the panel will explore pressing topics, from the candidates’ stance on top issues to how this year’s election will affect you.

Having the Election Roundtable on WebEx will enable registered participants to not only see and hear the panelists, but also to interact with them in real time. You can also view the discussion from your computer or from your smart phone or tablet with the WebEx mobile app.

First-come, first-served invitations are available to participate with the panel by going to To watch the live stream of the roundtable, you can head over to at noon EST .

If you missed this roundtable, don’t worry; we’ll be working with CNN throughout the election season to bring you additional roundtables on WebEx.

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