Genesis Energy Cuts Travel Costs and Carbon Emissions

Responsible for delivering a diverse electricity portfolio to more than 660,000 New Zealand customers, Genesis Energy has deployed video conferencing as part of its strategy to reduce employee travel time and carbon emissions.

Sean Heffernan, Infrastructure Architect at Genesis Energy, says, “Our aim is to operate as a commercially-focused sustainable company providing responsible energy solutions to our customers. This underpins the way we operate and how our employees interact with stakeholders.  It can also be seen in our efforts with video to reduce our impact on the environment.”

Genesis Energy has deployed TANDBERG video conferencing units in its meeting rooms in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington offices as well as at the company’s power generation sites at Huntley, Tokaanu and Tuai and uses the TANDBERG Management Suite to provide centralised system management and reporting for their sustainability program.

“Unless there are strong drivers to go to other sites our employees now use the video conferencing equipment.  It saves countless unproductive hours of travel. At the same time, the technology is also contributing to savings on contractor costs. When the TANDBERG devices were first deployed we held a session that involved staff and contractors from two other offices.  Video conferencing on that one occasion alone saved Genesis Energy around $2,500 in contractor travel time,” says Heffernan.

Heffernan says that within the offices, everyone thinks about energy efficiency and waste minimisation.  There’s strong management recognition of the need for a green approach to running the business and the company has guidelines around purchasing relating to sustainability.  Video fits perfectly with this strategy.

Read the case study on Genesis Energy journey and its path towards a video-enabled future here.

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  1. Money saved with videoconferencing is lost on the implementation, discuss 🙂

  2. Video conferencing is really a big help to a business to save time and efforts of travel. You can now utilized the unproductive time of travel. Besides saving time and effort it also helps reduce carbon emissions which have a great impact to the environment. Glad to know your company doing it.

  3. Finally some good news. Now I can save a lot of money, time and to protect nature. Good job.

  4. I used to wonder why more people don’t use video conferencing to reduce emissions and travel costs as well as save time.

  5. Great stuff! It’s always interesting to look into and calculate the savings associated with using teleconferences and the like for remote workers. I know my brother does something similar and it saves their company several thousand a year.

  6. This is an interesting post. It was an amazing idea to make video conferencing a strategic tool to lessen employee travel time and carbon emissions because I never heard it before. This is very important idea in having a sustainable environment. Video conferencing is a great idea in prevention of air pollution. Great job Genesis energy, may you continue to have an efficient and effective strategy for a sustainable Earth.

  7. Well done to Genesis Energy.I am sure there are many other companies around the world who could employ techology in a similar way. As well as reducing costs for the company and benefitting the environment, it must also benefit their employees by reducing stress and tiredness from travelling.

  8. Exactly Video conferencing can save our much time. As we are facing carbon emission problem,there is very urgent need of taking sustainable development step towards new upcoming future. Video conferencing is very useful and it saves our time also apart from pollution and energy.

  9. I agree! I’ve used video conferencing for many practical business uses. It’s an extremely resourceful way of communicating when there is distance between parties. It has saved me many plane rides.Thanks for the post and very informative.

  10. In my line of work I am forced to travel around and give speeches and seminars, but now with video conferencing I can give a live seminar right over the internet and not have to worry about adding more carbon emission into this world.

  11. Very InterestingI had never thought video conferencing could actually save so much of energy

  12. Carbon emission its a really important problem, hoping the situation wil be betterGreat articleThanks – David

  13. Video conferencing definitely save the time and efforts of travel and should be more productive. I think, physical movement for any business will be decline by 80% in coming future and all the business activities will be handled online. There will be no need to move for these kind of job.

  14. I completely agree! Video conferencing is a very interesting and resourceful way of communicating. It can save businesses ample time and money by utilizing this concept. Nice post!

  15. Step taken by Genesis Energy is very appreciable, this shows that they are very professional and focussed towards their goals, this will not only help in their business by saving their employees time, but also it will effect to the environment in a better manner, as it will also reduce the carbon emission. video conferencing technique can really contribute a lot in reducing carbon emission.

  16. Yep I agree that carbon emission is a hugh problem nowadays and really glad to see the big people thinking about it and kindly working on it…Good luck buddies!

  17. Wow! I had never thought video conferencing could actually save so much of energy apart from reducing pollution and saving money!

  18. Nowadays, carbon emission is an urgent problem in this commercial world. How to sustainable development is a question.

  19. We are a much smaller inc. but we also do more vid con than in person. Glad to see the big boys doing it.