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From the Magnificent Mile to Down Under!

February 24, 2010 - 33 Comments

The W Chicago City Center and Sheraton on the Park Sydney are the first in Starwood’s global portfolio to showcase Cisco TelePresence. Further, Sheraton on the Park is the first in Australia to unveil a public Cisco TelePresence meeting suite.  Now hotel guests and corporate clients can be brought together in a true-to-life meeting setting, despite more than 9,000 miles apart and a 17 hour time difference.

 In today’s press event, media in both locations had a seat at the table and were able to meet “face-to-face” utilizing ultra-high definition video, superior audio and life-size imagery of all participants.


In addition to the W Chicago and Sheraton on the Park Sydney, inaugurated as part of this partnership with Tata Communications, other Starwood locations planned to open throughout 2010 include The Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers, Sheraton Centre Toronto, The Westin Los Angeles Airport and other key domestic and international business markets such as Dallas, San Francisco, Brussels, Paris, Hong Kong and Frankfurt.

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  1. Nice topic. Nice video. Thanks for sharing

  2. This is really interesting news! It would be like they’re facing each other because of that life-size imagery of all participants. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love the idea of using telepresence here. I still think it is the wave of the future and I am glad that companies are giving it a shot.

  4. Pleased to see that our country is paving the way in technological milestones! I hope more Cisco worldfirsts are unveiled down under in the future.

  5. I think the emphasis to technology is one to be admired!

  6. Really is amazing how quickly technology advances!Revolution happening in all aspects thanks to these steps forward. Which is excellent, of course!

  7. This is really interesting news! It would be like they’re facing each other because of that life-size imagery of all participants. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wow. The Cisco TelePresence meeting suite looks awesome. It’s almost like something out of star wars.

  9. I’ve watched that video..I think It can make everything is easy..thanks for share

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  11. That is a great idea and thanks for your post. Its starting to make much more sense now after I’ve been doing the research on my own.Wonder what the software is for this presentation, I’d like to replicate on a smaller scale.Thanks for the link.

  12. Very cool!From the video it looks like the quality of the video is a million times better than traditional web cam chats. Any ideas on how much bandwidth is used?

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  15. great to see you down under and leading the world with great technology.

  16. Great write up and im glad cisco is taking a good lead on the healthcare god knows we need it in the country

  17. This is a great way to communicate without spending thousands to bring people together in one room.

  18. That’s great News.Now a hotel guests and corporate clients can be brought together

  19. Nice to see you down under! Nice avater too, I’ll be climbing the Sydney harbor bridge this suday!

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  22. I would love to have a list of the corporations that take advantage of this new technology offered in hotels. That would be quite an interesting list.

  23. Wow, really impressive, very nice effect with the real world size images !Hope this kind of telepresence become more available on next years.

  24. Wow. That really is cool. The amount of money this will save is significant.

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