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From NBN Co’s Conference Room to Rural Australia – Cisco TelePresence Plays a Role

July 28, 2010 - 5 Comments

Last night on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) broadcast of The 7:30 Report, Australians heard from Mike Quigley the CEO of NBN Co Limited which was established by the Australian Government to design, build and operate the wholesale-only National Broadband Network.  In the interview he stated how NBN Co is using high end video conferencing between its Sydney and Melbourne offices “so that we no longer have to get on planes anywhere near as frequently.”  And what viewers saw on their TV screens was a short clip of an NBN Co meeting held over Cisco TelePresence (to view segment, go here and click on video on right-hand side). 

In the interview Quigley went on to state that “this (video conferencing) will start to have a real big impact on small-medium businesses, especially outside cities”.  This is poignantly demonstrated earlier in The 7:30 Report’s segment on the National Broadband Network with a short clip on how Grampians Rural Health Alliance is using Cisco TelePresence to make a dramatic impact in delivering healthcare to rural Australia.

It’s exciting to see discussion around NBN focus on how it will enable huge improvements to innovation, business efficiency, services and quality of life across key sectors of our economy such as healthcare and education. 

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  1. I think video conferencing is definitely the future. The law firm we uses has two way for us so that we can do exactly what you said, not have to get on a plane!

  2. This is pretty amazing. Without ever having heard of it before, I suspect that Aussie Broadcasting Company may be better than the American counterpart

  3. Well at least that will contribute to a few more less planes roaming the skys!

  4. We already use video conference since 2005 for our small medium enterprise. We use skype, and hope Internet more faster in the future.Best Regards from Indonesia,Muslih

  5. The more fiber the better! Even though it might be expensive for Australia to roll out, I bet they will see a healthy ROI on their investment.Oh and telepresence for all would be nice as well, but I bet that would strain the public budget a bit too much 😉