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From Candy Smuggling to Collaboration Services: Sharing in the Modern World

May 24, 2012 - 0 Comments

This past Mother’s Day, I was remembering how my mother used to encourage sharing.  Like most parents, I limit my daughters’ intake of sugar. However, whenever my mother came into town, my efforts would go right out the window. She would arrive on our doorstep, with large amounts of candy smuggled in her luggage. Her goal: to spoil the girls.  Resistance was futile, but she showed them that giving can be as much fun as receiving and encouraged them to share their contraband.

In today’s connected world, sharing information has never been easier. Not too long ago we had to wait months to finish a roll of film, and then waited days to have it developed. Now, we can send videos and pictures almost instantaneously with our cameras and phones. Not only has this changed our personal lives, but has also allowed us to now work our way to collaborate and streamline business.  With services like WebEx or TelePresence, demonstrated in the new film Battleship, experts across the world can communicate and share data as if in the same room. Using this and other collaboration technology like Cisco’s Jabber, anyone can now use their choice of device to access information instantly.  Over the next few weeks, a series of Cisco videocasts will show how incorporating, capturing, transforming, and sharing videos for business can be done easily by anyone.

My girls and I love to travel and explore new places, and with today’s technology it is simple for us to share our adventures. With video, almost everything can be brought to life and shared countless times –whether it is a special memory or an informational meeting. The speed in which we can and do exchange moments and resources is truly breathtaking.  It is even estimated that 71% of all mobile traffic will be mobile video by 2016 – rather staggering if you stop and think how far video technology has made its way into our day-to-day lives. Now that my mother is gone, I look back on the candy incidents and smile, sure that in the distant future I will be a candy smuggler as well, teaching my grandchildren the fun of sharing. Unlike my mother however, I will most likely be using my phone to videotape and share the reaction of their parents when they discover the reason behind the sugar high.

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