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August 4, 2010 - 74 Comments

magnum opus noun The best, most popular, or most renowned achievement of an author or artist, representing his major life effort; a masterpiece

Many moons ago, Andrew Phillips of Cisco Channels reached out to Greg Justice, The World’s Most Interesting Intern, with the suggestion that the two lads form a Cisco rap crew. The rest is history.

That.  Just. Happened.  For more epic greatness, follow these cats on Twitter: @GregJustice and @AndrewJohnP.

Also, BIG props to my boy, Eric, the EMC intern, for this week’s top intern rap response:

I’ll continue to post weekly on Thanks for tuning in!

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  1. I agree with mike. Stop listening to these cheerleaders. You should retire this bit immediately!! Even John Cena thinks that Rap is whack.

  2. Greg Justice, I think you'll have a career in video production if the Cisco gig doesn't work out!

  3. Oh my. I was expecting some epic cringe moments but this is better than most of the stuff in the charts. Cisco interns: respect due!

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  5. Nice video, well done buddy! :)

  6. This is really terrible., Stop listening to these cheerleaders. You should retire this bit immediately!! Even John Cena thinks that Rap is whack.

  7. nice posting, great video, just add a little T-Pain and you have yourself a top 40 hit.

  8. Awesome interns! wish we had such ppl at our work places (sigh! :()

  9. Very cool, adding you on twitter. Nice job! :)

  10. Awesome work!.. Can't wait to see more videos!.

  11. Nice, but I kept hoping for an actual flip...before my son was born in the '80s I could still do one, and even now I can still turn a cartwheel. :-)

  12. Watch out Andy Samberg and crew.

  13. LOL! This was the perfect way for me to start a Monday morning. That was hawt!

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  15. Entertaining ...

  16. love to see this kind of creativeness. Check out mine done awhile back.

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  18. Time for a Lil Wayne duet!!!

  19. Thank you for all the nice compliments everyone! Although Greg's last day is today, I hope that I can convince him to be in my videos to come!

  20. y'all are WAY Cool! LOVE it!

  21. Wow very creative, I wonder what the top level management thinks of it!

  22. Enough already. This is the bad side of social collaboration. Promotes the Gen today of LOOK-AT-ME! You've become the World's Most Narcissistic Intern.

  23. Need a third to officially make it a group? I play a mean cow bell and will drive you around the parking lot in my Honda. Holla!

  24. Thank you for showing the world that hip and cool young people can work at Cisco, too! Keep spittin your flow! I <3 this!!

  25. I can't believe how talented these interns are. Great work!

  26. Very, very cool! Will get back on Twitter just to follow the World's Most Interesting Intern! Love him! :-)

  27. Awesome! I needed cheering up just now - and this definitely worked. Excellent job!

  28. Still loving your stuff. However, be warned. My son is considering a World's most interesting 8 year old"" response. Careful - he might just bring it!"

  29. very nice….

  30. Nice one! didn't expect this at Cisco when I joined!! Now I want a Flip chrome!

  31. Fantasic Vid! Soundtrack was cool aswell!

  32. love it..let me know if you need a girl to sing vocals in the back!!

  33. Hahaha, good video! A rap that I can let my children listen to without fear. Good work…

  34. This is why I love this company! Hilarious video.

  35. Awesome music video! I certainly liked watching it. Keep posting videos like this. It's very entertaining.

  36. Top-notch. I never enjoyed myself so much.

  37. Cool video, now i know what people are doing in work…:)

  38. very nice....

  39. If you guys do something else, please let us know. Lots of fun.

  40. @Greg. Thanks. Did not want to infringe any copyrights. The next time my iphone rings, it will be flip like we do.

  41. @Carl: Ha. It is encouraged.

  42. Is it ok if I use flip like we do as a ring tone on my iphone.

  43. Excellent video - really enjoyedd watching that!

  44. very funny stuff, just made my day. :)

  45. Very hilarious video. You took all my blues away for a moment while watching it! Thanks!

  46. Great Video. Thanks for sharing. Humor and professional collides. Awesome work.

  47. Some cool sunglasses would have given it a nice touch. Maybe the next version. It makes me think of the blues brothers for those who happen to remember that way back.

  48. Nice flow!!

  49. wow nice music too

  50. Good Postthanks for sharing!fab

  51. Hey That was nice, fun like i wants to do..n d music was good..

  52. Absolutely hilarious! I think this kind of stuff needs to be posted more! Definitely adds a very light, humorous element to a technology company that's not usually associated with such things. Great stuff.

  53. This was great. Video round my neck always getting mad respect"", haha! Funny stuff."

  54. I wish I was as cool as you guys! Although I have to say that Eric's is a little more catchy.

  55. Honestly, rap is not something I usually like...but I feel compelled to make an exception in this case :)

  56. Nice video. A bit of humor with class and professionalism.

  57. nice clip, the music I especially liked ...

  58. such a light rap, isn't it? : )

  59. Well done.. The videos are becoming more and more pro.

  60. I the Russian system administrator and too like to have a good time on work

  61. haha, i love this, it's like a legit music video production!

  62. Good work…

  63. Hey greg. Had a good laugh at these vids. They are quite funny! Good work

  64. Cool video and catchy beat. I love it! Makes me wanna do the hip hop dance Ha ha!

  65. Hey this is really interesting and nice video, i was enjoying when i saw this.Great Job.

  66. What do you know? A rap that I can let my children listen to without fear.Good work...

  67. Hahaha great video, just add a little T-Pain and you have yourself a top 40

  68. Even doing songs that are not RAP. And look at all those girls :D Thumbs UP

  69. Heh, now i know what people are doing in work...:)

  70. I'm re-joining Twitter just to follow you guys. Brilliant!

  71. Nothing looks more gansta' then suit and nike shoes. Great job guys, but better keep your day jobs :).

  72. @Nolan: AUTOTUNE..thanks for watching the vid!

  73. Wow now I know that had to take some time to get everything setup and recorded properly. How did you all do the voice modification for the singing? J/c

  74. Haha this is brilliant!