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FFA Welcomes Cisco as Bid Partner to Bring the FIFA™ World Cup to Australia

Today, the Football Federation Australia (FFA) revealed Australia’s second FIFA World Cup™ Bid Partner as Cisco! Media from Australia’s two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne, were invited to a media conference over Cisco TelePresence with Cisco’s ANZ VP Les Williamson and the CEO of the FFA, Ben Buckley. 

The FFA will be using Cisco TelePresence to share information and collaborate in virtual face-to-face meetings, Cisco WebEx to provide their bid team with more productive and interactive Web conferences, and Cisco Digital Media systems to help convey Australia’s unique bid proposition using compelling, rich digital media.

Most importantly the technologies from Cisco will enable FFA to have immediate conversations with key stakeholders. Cisco is helping FFA bring Australia closer to the rest of the world in order to showcase the nation while removing the tyranny of distance.

Ben Buckley, FFA CEO, commented that the support of Cisco significantly strengthened the FFA’s efforts to spread the message about Australia’s bid, both domestically and internationally, and that the technology also has the ability to reap very significant cost efficiencies for the organisation.

Internationally, Cisco has a proven track record in the Sports and Entertainment market and in Australia Cisco has already worked with the likes of Melbourne Olympic Park and The Australian Open (Tennis) to bring the fan experience closer to the game.

Cisco encourages all Australians (and everyone else) to show their support for the bid by adding their name at today.

FFA and Cisco "Come Play" Press Conference


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  1. We did have an awesome experience during the Australian open tennis. Its enhances the quality and the experience of the viewers when technology is integrated with sports like tennis and football.

  2. I like this idea of Australia hosting the World Cup. As far as I can remember, Australia has never hosted the World Cup and it would be brilliant to have it staged there. If Africa can host the World Cup why not Australia? I’m one for having the tournament rotate round the continents, instead of always taking place in Europe or South America.I hope CISCO’s influence will help Australia get there.

  3. Congratulations Cisco, looking forward to what’s in store for us next. may your technological advancements continue to inspire others to make more things happen.

  4. I’ve seen TelePresence used on the Rachel Maddow show. Very impressive!

  5. It’s a great partnership but as an Englishman I have to back England to host the World Cup in 2018. Bringing the competition here could be Beckham’s last great contribution.

  6. I think that this is the future. I hope that there will be other like this.Do you have such information?

  7. Wow I think that bringing the world cup to Australia would be great! The last Olympics they did was amazing if I remember correctly. I hope they win the bid.

  8. WOW…congrats Cisco that is a huge deal! That video is impressive and explains a lot

  9. I’m a huge soccer fan! What a great partnership between IT and sportsLeave it to Cisco

  10. This is a great partnership of sport and technology and can only benefit both parties in my opinion. I am a big fan of technology being used to improve the accuracy of decisions, penalties and such to give accurate and more importantly, truthful results. This will make for a better game for all FFA fans.

  11. Great news for the fans if technology can bring them closer to the game. There are an increasing number of decisions in the game itself where technology would benefit (rather than detract as some commentators would have you believe) the decisions taken. Ultimately this ensures a truer result. If technology can improve football then I’m all for it.

  12. Thanks for your report Linda, and congratulation to Cisco! Look forward to hear great news from you.

  13. I think you need partners with a world wide recognised brand if you are to try and develop a team capable of landing the WC and Cisco offers that.

  14. Sould be pretty interesting. Video converences can go both ways, let’s hope it’s good :).