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Fashion Forward With Technology

January 12, 2011 - 14 Comments

It’s a new year and with that, lots of predictions abound for what to expect for 2011. One area that promises to see some dramatic and exciting changes: retail and fashion. Now, anyone who knows me knows that that is right up my alley. And what a bonus that Cisco plays a central role, as Lindsay Parker blogged about recently.

According to a survey reported in The Chicago Tribune, one in four moms who are on social media sites makes purchases based on friends’ recommendations.  One of Interbrand’s big predictions for the new year is a strong focus on the customer journey. When we look at what’s happening from the customer’s perspective, it’s clear that there’s a real opportunity to drive the game forward. And when you talk about fashion and luxury brands, the stakes become even higher. How do you create an intimate brand experience that conveys high-scale when you don’t have the power of in-person interaction?

This week, I’ll be in Paris talking about one of my favorite topics—Borderless Networks—and how it’s helping fashionista brands rethink their business models. We’ve known for years that the web has allowed us to extend our reach to customers but as e-commerce matures, the internet and its related tools and applications are increasingly being used by retailers to innovate and differentiate. And that means building deeper customer relationships that are reminiscent of the old days of personal, face-to-face interactions, but within a virtual context.

For 2011 and beyond, I’m betting the name of the game will be customer intimacy without borders.

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  1. Fashion and technology are two fields of activity where the possibilities are unlimited. So , in a strange way they are alike. Nice association !! Interesting point

  2. Great points and thanks for sharing! Made my day.

  3. I tend to agree with you about ecommerce expanding its borders. I think that in the last 10 years we have seen online retailers grow and really figure out how to connect to shoppers online. I think that this will continue and in the future we will see real realationships begin to grow between consumers and retailers. I expect that within the next 10 - 15 years we will see a huge rise in the amount of goods that are purchased online.

  4. Good news.

  5. not imposible in 2011 .,,it's will make an easy with technology, i like with this post. fashion will make great with tech.

  6. My wife, who is a mom to our two girls, is definitely the "one in four" you refer to. Television advertisements has little influence on her spending patterns. Rather, she heeds advice and product recommendations of friends of friends on blog sites.

  7. Exactly so .. recently i was reading an article that the clothes would equipped with electronic chips that will record the individual heart beat, body temp etc while jogging or practicing. Isn't it great. So IT is forever

  8. Customer intimicy is definatly goping to be the name of the game. especially witha ll the social media available. its so easy to be interctive with your customer base now

  9. Thank ;)

  10. really very nice article..........

  11. Fashion is no longer just a matter of taste; it's a matter of technology.

  12. Marie, You are so right, one in four moms make purchases based on personal recommendations. I'm looking forward to reading your report on how to create intimate shopping experiences without the advantages of brick-and-mortar settings. I'm sure there'll be some great information to apply to my fashion blog. Enjoy Paris, it's a lovely city!

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