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Duck Calls at Cisco with our CEO

I was sitting at my desk a few minutes ago when I heard a duck call echoing down the corridor. Then, that inimitable John Chambers laughter. With my trusty Flip Mino HD video camera in hand I strolled into Chambers office to capture the duck call for you, our loyal readers. His lesson was brief, but it is very clear that he is a man of many talents.Please respond with your video duck calls on this blog…or as a video response on our Cisco YouTube PR channel. We’ll post them.And, the best duck call gets a new Flip Mino HD from John Chambers.

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  1. He certainly knows his ducks.I reckon he was spot on.

  2. hat was great! thanks so much for sharing! adore watching such videos (usually find lots of them full downloads

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  4. Possible companion on your next duck excursion? Keep in mind, he does require post-lunch naps.

  5. John Earnhardt, show you where to read more about Duck Calls at Cisco with our CEO?

  6. John, your calls worked! Southern California ducks on Independence Day 2009, Flip’in out!

  7. that was great! thanks so much for sharing! adore watching such videos (usually find lots of them on search engine) they always make me laugh:) just now you made me live a month longer!

  8. Wow That was funny.

  9. Always judge a man by his duck calls :D

  10. Unfortunately I don't have a camera to record my feeble attempts, and, in all cases, I might be a little bit late to the show ;-) When will the winner be announced and is the contest already over or not? SY

  11. Just Ducky!

  12. Very nice performance!

  13. Flat like a DUCK !!Funny video, funny performance :)

  14. Thanks for share.

  15. it's the duck family father 1st and mother and a lot of little ugly duck

  16. This is not only a very funny video, it also shows how important it is to incorporate a touch (or sound?) of humor in a business blog. SY

  17. By sheer coincidence my daughter brought home a book from her school library about ducks on the same day that I came across John's duck call video! Here are my 5-, 4- and 2-year-old sharing what an Aussie duck sounds like. Apologies for the quality, this was not recorded on a Flip... So here's hoping in the not too distant future all our home movies are recorded with a Flip! :) Enjoy!

  18. Here's mine:

  19. Wow :)

  20. Johnhere is a greenwing learning a feeder call, shot from my mobile

  21. John, your calls worked! Southern California ducks on Independence Day 2009, Flip'in out!

  22. Almost nothing beats watching and listening to them respond to your call and watching them spread their wings, with their feet down coming to land.Keep 'em flying and please remember to support Ducks Unlimited.

  23. I have a very smart friend who swears by the talent of your CEO. Now there is a CEO we can trust not because the duck calls is one of his many talents but because he conducts himself in a trustworthy manner so unlike Mr. Madoff. Evelyn Guzman (If you want to visit, just click but if it doesn’t work, copy and paste it onto your browser.)

  24. Hey John, here is how an 8 year old does duck calls

  25. Very nice performance! : )

  26. i hope i FLIPpin' win!:)

  27. Karen, That was funny.Quackmore, That was scary. ;)I might try and get my wife to do her Donald Duck impersonation.

  28. I just came across this odd duck...

  29. Thanks for the tutorial John!! With my new Flip cam in hand, I thought I'd give the calls a try. Not bad for a novice, eh? ;-)