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Double Rainbow Cisco Telepresence: World’s Most Interesting Intern

July 15, 2010 - 34 Comments

As the world’s most interesting intern, I have had many life-changing experiences: fame, Vegas, and calf implants, to name a few. I have not, however, had an experience quite like that of the Hungrybear man in Yosemite when he saw the double rainbow. That is, of course, until today.

Many thanks to my capable, fellow interns Basia and Molly for their assistance in the production of this week’s video.

As always, interns around the world are encouraged to submit video responses showcasing their interestingness (rapping, rainbow sightings, etc.). See this week’s featured response (from my boy, Andrew) below. Video responses can be posted as a reply on YouTube (cscopr) or in the comments section of this blog.

I’ll continue to post weekly here on (look out for a rap collabo next week) and can be followed on Twitter @gregjustice. Word to your rainbow.

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  1. This is a good double Rainbow video...

  2. http://doublerainbowshirts.comCheck out Yosemite Bear's (The Double Rainbow man himself) Official Double Rainbow T-Shirts!

  3. You're on a role Greg. Two consecutive posts! wow. Although it would better if a post from a beautiful lady sits in between your two posts, kinda like your beloved rainbows.

  4. I like the Rainbows they were nice and different but I still think the girls are better forgive me if I'm wrong. The Rainbow will go away the girls will always be there.

  5. Firstly, The interns are quite good looking, Secondly, I know you didn't get some Johnny Drama Calve implants!Good job on piggybacking the viral aspect of Double Rainbow

  6. okay so I didnt know the double rainbow"" is/was a viral video until I saw this video and searched for the phrase. I guess i was too busy these last few weeks to do some social media hopping."

  7. Haha I wish my internship was this awesome! Cisco rocks!

  8. Cisco rap and showing double rainbows during conferences is out of this world. Awesome stuff!! word worth noting...

  9. I watch your video a few weeks ago and now this one I think you two could be a great rap team you are both very good. As for the rainbow very cool, but the girl seemed a little bit like what the heck is he talking about to funny

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  11. Those were awesome videos. I especially enjoyed the cisco rap. Right on, man! SRED"

  12. Oh my god, it is first time I see this, unbelievable double rainbow!!

  13. Thank you for post!Looking forward to seeing your other posts on

  14. If you like the double rainbow vid, make sure you watch the double vainbow song on youtube! Its great :D

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  16. Hi Greg,Absolutely rapolicious!Sincerely,Brad Reese

  17. Nice Bling Andrew.

  18. Very useful,thanks

  19. Good Job Intern, you should make a video on how you become an intern

  20. Thanks for this article! i like it!

  21. Ahah, I love double rainbow!Cisco rocks. :)

  22. Wow, this Cisco rap is so cool. The dance got me smiling from ear to ear. Love the retractable badge too

  23. Cool I really like the retractable badge too. Thanks

  24. Wow! is this a kind of stress busters for these genius of Cisco who really work hard at their internship?

  25. Greg, keep the videos coming. That rainbow is even more stunning on Cisco Telepresence. ;-) I can't wait to see the rap crew video!Andrew - well done! I now often find myself humming to the tune of Let's Form a Cisco Rap Crew"" ""I know you really really really really wanna work with me!"" ;-)"

  26. This Cisco rap is awesome actually! Love the dancing too! I must be in the wrong profession. We never rap here.

  27. I just watched the original double rainbow video and his reaction is priceless. Your two videos were very interesting haha. Rapping about Cisco rap crew and showing double rainbows during a conference were funny. Keep up the good work!!!!!

  28. These videos crack me up......I have always joked around about having to get calf implants"" due to my skinny legs, so this strikes a chord in my heart! :)"

  29. hahahaha, love the rainbows. So, are you two going to form a rap crew or what?

  30. Really nice beat with this rap video.. really liked it. Good to see that fun is important. Greetings from Europe..

  31. Great article, thanks to share with us !

  32. Greg, how about a teleconference rap?

  33. Cool I really like the retractable badge.

  34. I'm not an intern, but I must say, well done!"" I like the part about the retractable badge."